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How to attract male online buyers in China
How to attract male online buyers in China

How to attract male online buyers in China

Following the previous article about Magento and the tips you have to adapt for your ecommerce website in China, this topic will focus on how to attract male Chinese buyer through ecommerce.

What you may think or believe is that the shopping is a woman thing so maybe is also the ecommerce shopping. Let’s see if it is true and if we have to forget about this market segment.

How big is the male Chinese ebuyers segment?

As what said below, you may think or believe that ecommerce is not for male buyers… but it is not true. According to the latest data, male Chinese ebuyers represent 47.4%. They are not far behind the women.

Moreover, the percentage of male Chinese buyers in the cross border ecommerce is quite different. Indeed, they represent 64.8% of the online shopping.

You can see that the idea you had at the beginning does not match with the data about the percentage of men bying online in China. It would be wrong to neglect/forget this market segmentand also the male gender percentage is China is a bit higher than the female one, almost 52%.

What are their characteristics?

We have six big characteristics that defines the male ecommerce buyers in China:

  • They are rational: they are focus on what they need/have to buy.
  • They want an effortless and fast experience: they go straight to the point.
  • They are loyal to the brands: once they like and trust a brand, male Chinese ebuyers will be very loyal to it.
  • They spend more money: they do not pay much attention to the sales promotions and are less sensitive to less price.
  • The shopping time: they do not do their shopping during their working time. It will be on their way home or at home.
  • They buy through their mobile: it is a big trend in China and they follow it.

What do they like to buy online?

As we may guess, women are more clothes-oriented but it is not the case of the men. Indeed, male Chinese ebuyers are really into electronic and digital products. They usually buy products such as:

  • Mobile
  • Computers
  • Video games & consoles
  • Home appliance

What do they value about ecommerce?

Male Chinese buyers value three characteristics about ecommerce. These are:

  • Delivery speed: they like to have a fast delivery (usually around 3 or 4 days).
  • Convenience: their user experience has to be convenient that means easy, simple and fast.
  • Credibility: they will buy only on trustworthy website.

What are the best tips to attract male Chinese ebuyers?

If you could follow what have been said in this article you will have already done a big forward step to attract the male Chinese ebuyers but you should also keep in mind these points:

  • Keep the user experience fast and easy that means you should use WeChat or QQ to sign in and a “one click-payment”.
  • Make a visible promotion message. It needs be clear and easy to find.
  • You need to provide a detailed description of your products, if possible put a feature to enable the comparison with similar products and reviews.
  • Provide high quality image of your products.
  • You have to build the trust of your male customers by being transparent with them.

What is your next step?

As you can see, there are a few characteristics you should follow if you want to attract male Chinese ebuyers. This population segment is very important in China and it can bring you tons of money. If you need more information about this or even some help we would be glad to adapt your ecommerce website to your target. If you have any questions or interest about this do not hesitate to contact us.

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