Four Strategies to Attract Chinese Buyers

Four Strategies to Attract Chinese Buyers

China is a huge market with many opportunities, but these opportunities are only reachable if you can respect and adapt yourself to the Chinese market, or more precisely, to the Chinese people. If you can understand them and follow a few common strategies, then your chance of success will be higher.

An article has already been written that focused on how to attract Chinese male ebuyers but now we are going to focus on four different strategies for the Chinese market.

QPSoftware the Official PrestaShop Provider in China

QPSoftware the Official PrestaShop Provider in China

QPSoftware has been working with PrestaShop for a long time to create innovative e-commerce solutions for our customers. We love this platform, and over the years we have seen many of our clients enjoying this user-friendly yet absolutely powerful e-commerce platform

Retina Display Design - What Is it and How to Implement it in Your Website or E-CommerceRetina Display Design - What Is it and How to Implement it in Your Website or E-Commerce

Retina Display Design - What Is it and How to Implement it in Your Website or E-Commerce

Retina Display has become a familiar term in the world of computers and mobile devices. Since Apple launched this new generation of high-resolution screens, it has invaded the world making previous technology look like a memory from the past.

How to Use Baidu Paid Advertising in China

Doing business in China is one of the most appealing opportunities for companies around the world. As the Chinese economy keeps on growing and opening up to the Western world, the awareness of this market’s potential keeps increasing among business owners. Nowadays, savvy business managers cannot overlook the pressing Chinese demand for foreign products.

The Latest Chinese Mobile Ecommerce Trends

The Latest Chinese Mobile Ecommerce Trends

China is a massive and exciting market but presents important challenges. Without local knowledge, it is difficult to meet the demands of shoppers in this part of the world.

E-commerce Website Development Magento, PrestaShop, Drupal

E-commerce Website Development - Magento vs Drupal vs Prestashop

Choosing the right shopping cart is a critical e-commerce development decision and /not at all an easy one. There are so many variables involved that can make this technical decision a daunting task.

Do I need a license to sell online in China?

Do I need a license to sell online in China?

It has already been told many times but it has to be said again! China represents the biggest consumer market in the world. It is a market with a lot of opportunities for companies willing to reach this market. Willing to tackle this market is good but it can be quite hard sometimes.

What are the different kinds of Chinese companies?

What are the different kinds of Chinese companies?

As you probably know, China is an amazing market and quite incredible! If you decide to target this market you will face great opportunities but also some threats. But before starting anything you should analyze your market and see what you should do.

Do I Need a Company in China to Sell Online?

Do I Need a Company in China to Sell Online?

Nowadays, the Chinese market represents an unavoidable opportunity for companies willing to go abroad. Indeed, as we know the Chinese market is becoming the number one consumption market in the world. If you want to target this market it will not be easy because of its extreme particularity.

How to Host Your Website in China

How to Host Your Website in China

As you probably know China is an incredible market. It is not easy to get into it but once you are in and following the good process, this market could be yours! But before getting in you should be cautious.

One of the main question that our clients asked is “how to host my website in China”. This article will help you to understand the different mechanisms and the different processes to host your website in China if you are targeting this amazing market.

QPSoftware at CES Asia Shanghai 2017

QPSoftware at CES Asia Shanghai 2017

Last week, from June 7th to 9th a big event happened in Shanghai. The CES Asia Shanghai 2017 was a great success. Company and people from around the world gathered to participate to this exhibition.

Let’s try to give some highlights of what happened during these few days and summarize what we have learned in this interesting event.

Alibaba - Alipay in India

Alibaba - Alipay in India

Alibaba - Alipay and Tencent's WeChat Pay have been already presented. There is no need to explain to you what is the difference between both or even to tell you that they are competing in China but also on the international market.

They are starting to be more present around the world, in Europe, in USA or even in some places is South-East Asia. But today, let’s have a look at the situation of Alibaba around the world.

KOL – Live Web Steaming - Flash Sales

KOL, Live Web Streaming, and Flash Sales

Before I begin this article, I would like to thank everyone who helped me to put all of this together. They shared with me their experience, knowledge, feedback and more. So many thanks go out to Elijah Whaley, Marie, Thibault from and many others.

WeChat Pay in UK

WeChat Pay In The UK - What's The Future Of WeChat Payment International

In China, the use of WeChat's WeChat Pay and Alibaba's Alipay are so common that they have become part of everyday life. It's been a few years that these payment methods have become unavoidable but this massive trend has only been seen in China. Therefore both companies are currently attempting to grow to other nearby countries and even other continents.

How To Attract Male Online Buyers In China

How To Attract Male Online Buyers In China - Best Practices

Continuing from the previous article about Magento and the tips for adapting your e-commerce website to the Chinese market, this topic will focus on how to attract Chinese male buyers through e-commerce.

You may think or feel that shopping is only a hobby for women and that online shopping (e-commerce) is no different. Well, let’s see if this is true and if its a good idea to forget about the Chinese male market segment.

Magento for China

Magento for China - Is Magento The Best Solution For Chinese Market?

In the world of web design and ecommerce, the Magento platform is not unknown. We do not really need to talk about it. We could say it is one of the biggest and most powerful ecommerce platforms on the market. If you need to develop a complex, totally customized and specific CMS (Customer Management System) for an ecommerce platform your solution will definitely be Magento.

How To Transfer WeChat Official Account

WeChat Official Account Transfer

Do you remember the days when it was impossible to change the ownership of your registered WeChat Official Account? I am happy to inform you that since last week, Tencent finally decided to modify this process! Therefore, from now on companies are allowed to switch the ownership of their WeChat Official Account.

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing refers to marketing techniques that make use of digital media channels. Nowadays, much of marketing is tending towards becoming “essentially digital”. When we consider digital marketing the first idea that comes to mind is the conventional form, through the internet. But it would be a mistake to forget mobile phones, tablets, GPS and other connected devices.

CEGID - Loyalty Rewards APP

CEGID - Loyalty Rewards APP

Loyalty Reward APP

It is often said that “Attracting new customers is (around) five times more expensive than keeping the existing ones”. Seen from this angle, it can be a bit excessive… but do you really think so?

ICP license - Open E-Commerce in China Shanghai

ICP license - The basics

China has the second largest economy in the world. The country is now welcoming foreign companies, and since the Western market is not growing as rapidly, many investors are looking at China with increasing interest.

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