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The most agonizing of all waits is that which involves a loved one, or more specifically, the welfare of that person. Wait times in medical situations can be both mentally and physically painful on family members, friends and especially patients, with consequences such as high stress levels and depression.
This holds particularly true for long-distance caregivers which can lead to difficulties with communication, additional expenses and not to mention the emotional burden of caring for someone who is hospitalized far away. 

As a result, FamilyPlug have had to come up with creative ways of addressing the problem of family members staying connected with their loved ones. In its attempt to tackle this problem, the healthcare company approached QPSOFTWARE to conceptualize, design and develop from the ground up an iOS and Android application which allowed patients in coma or persistent vegetative states to receive video/audio messages or pictures from their friends and family.

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From inception to completion, QPSOFTWARE conceived a native application to transport the user into an affectionate, unobtrusive and efficient way to connect unconscious and immobilized patients with their loved ones.
Indeed, messages are delivered to the patients on pre-selected hours, hence allowing them to receive support from their families only when judged appropriate by the medical staff. Also, downloaded messages are automatically played on the patients’ device, therefore permitting their loved ones to support them on a regular basis while free of assistance and planning.


Key Points

  • Auto Play
  • Sound Optimization
  • Smart Delivery
  • Privacy Enabler
  • iOS and Android in-app purchases
  • UX/UI design
  • Social Media login
  • Push Notifications
  • 2 way verification and authentication 
  • iOS and Android mobile app development
  • Responsive website design and development
  • Send/Receive audio, video messages and pictures
  • Creation/Addition and display of a customized contact list
  • Language localization


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