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Senior project manager (speaking mandarin, native)

Job Description: 

You will have a key position in our agency, you will be in charge of several clients and projects for the Chinese market. As the project manager, your job is to plan, budget (allocate tasks to production team and control the cost), oversee and document all aspects of the specific projects you are working on. You will work closely with the GM and account manager, to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule, and with the technical leader to define which architecture to work on. You need to have a good level in English and Chinese (native).

Some natural leaderships is necessary as you need the production team to follow your requests; you also need a good common and analytics sense to understand clients requests, advise him and come up with some solutions.

You also need a good interpersonal skills to keep the communication smooth between all your interlocutors. You don’t have to be graduated from IT or web, but you must have a very good understanding and interest in the web globally and for the Chinese market in particularly.

You will work closely with the sales/account manager to follow up how your clients and their business are evolving with our solutions, and propose them new services to help them reach their goals and KPI.

Skills Required: 
  1. Leadership Skills: You will have to keep your employees motivated, resolve conflicts and make hard decisions for your team.
  2. Time Management: You will be working with production team, customers and management, often spinning multiple plates at once.
  3. Math and Budgeting: Project managers are expected to keep and maintain a budget in almost every field. You will need to be confident in using math skills to make sure you know where your company's money is going.
  4. Analytical Skills: You will also need analytical skills to be able to solve problems that may come up during a typical work day. You will be analysing data and making decisions that affect the project on a regular basis.
  5. You must be familiar with at least one CMS backoffice : Drupal or Wordpress
  6. Excellent English and Chinese communication level, verbal and written
  7. You have a bachelor or a master’s degree
  8. You have at least 5 years of experience in the web industry or in project management

Not mandatory but highly appreciated

  1. You have coding experience in frontend or backend
  2. You are familiar with project management method Agile and Scrum
  3. You are familiar with the method of analytics, benchmarking and defining the needs of a client (User-centered design) before to work on the UI/UX and coding

Competitive and related to candidate experience, will be discussed during the interview.

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