How to Choose the Right CRM to Operate in China
How to Choose the Right CRM to Operate in China

How to Choose the Right CRM to Operate in China

Optimizing business processes and retaining customers is critical for every company operating in competitive markets. That being the case, CRM software has become a must-have for every company wanting to achieve success and boost their business growth.

The options of CRM software are almost endless. However, not all solutions will work well for your organization. There are many factors to consider before deciding which CRM to integrate.

Some of the variables include the option to customize the software, scalability, costs, business values and so on. Another important thing that you must consider are your business needs. For instance, if you are operating in the Chinese market, you must make sure that the CRM software you are integrating is suitable for your business operations and clients in China.

To assist you in deciding which CRM to choose for your business, we have prepared this guide that will analyze what CRM software is and will help you in understanding the right CRM to use in China.

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What is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool which helps companies to collect, organize and access customer data with the goal of coordinating efforts between team members and providing better customer support. CRM software connects different departments of your organization and shares valuable real-time information about customers.

For instance, CRM software can collect data from sales, marketing and customer service and keep it organized. This information is then used to optimize the business process and retain customers.

How Companies Can Benefit by Using CRM Software

When a company uses CRM software, they will become more productive and customers will receive a personalized experience.

Data entry will be automated, thus saving your team time for other important tasks. Moreover, having the real-time data readily accessible allows your company to have better communication with customers, thereby enhancing your relationship with them. The insights you gain by having a CRM system will put you in the position of understanding your customers’ needs and organizing your strategy to meet those needs.

Using a CRM solution will result in more leads, an increase in sales and profitability, as well as better customer retention. Customer Relationship Management software makes your business healthier and gives you an advantage over your competition.

Are Western CRM Tools Blocked in China?

Western CRM tools are not blocked in China, but not all of them are the right choice. Some CRM software may not have a Chinese version or may not have a connection with Chinese platforms or payment methods. If this is the case, data collection may not be as thorough as it should be, thus impairing the CRM usability and usefulness to your business.

We have selected the CRM solutions that are most used in China for you to consider integrating into your business.

Most Used CRM Solutions in China


sap crm china

SAP is CRM software that is committed to supporting “intelligent enterprises” in China. The software can be used by both B2B and B2C companies and it can assist in the management of marketing, service, commerce, customer data and sales. Large Chinese companies like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are among SAP’s customers. This testifies to the quality of this Customer Relationship Management software.

WeChat CRM

wechat crm

WeChat stands as the most important social media in China and it has quickly become one of the most relevant marketing channels in China. Among its many features, WeChat provides CRM software. The WeChat CRM solution is a practical way to integrate social media platforms with CRM software. Even though this CRM tool has some limitations, it is highly focused on the WeChat platform and allows you to follow your customers on social media and react accordingly. Thereby building a very personal relationship with them.


hubspot crm

Hubspot is another good choice for the Chinese market. Hubspot works in China and allows global companies to manage their operations through a single system. However, it must be noted that Hubspot doesn’t have a Chinese version. Therefore, your team in China must be comfortable with the English language.


microsoft crm

Microsoft has CRM software called Dynamics 365 that offers advance data collection features. Among the pros of this CRM system is that it is highly customizable and comes with many features that can be effectively used to increase sales, enhance customer service and improve overall operations.


Oracle defines its purpose as being the CRM software of tomorrow. Oracle has designed a tool that addresses the many challenges a modern business will confront. The Oracle CRM solution is very advanced and is suitable for big organizations that have a large customer base and sophisticated operations.


salesforce crm china

The Salesforce CRM system is optimized for China. The company is addressing the needs of this specific market by providing a solution that takes into consideration its unique challenges. Salesforce is committed to updating the software constantly to provide trusted performances, scalability and continuing innovation.

Emerging Chinese CRMs

In addition to western CRM software, there are some local Chinese solutions that can be a viable choice for your business. In the following, you will find a list of the best Chinese CRM software available.

Big Cat

Big Cat is a new platform that is based on core features that are similar to Hubspot. Unlike many western CRM tools, Big Cat only offers a few core features, making this solution less flexible.

Xiaoman Keji

xiaoman crm

Xiaoman Keji primarily targets Chinese companies and is tailored to the thinking of a Chinese person. This is a very good thing, but it comes with some limitations. For instance, it is not intuitive for western users and it does not support the English language.


popular chinese crm

Kingdee is another local player that features the software both in English and Chinese. This is ideal if you have an international team. This solution is quite easy to use and well-integrated with local platforms.

Customized CRM Solutions to Operate in China

Whatever CRM software you decide to integrate into your business, it is likely that you will find your preferred solution lacking in some respects. For this reason, to get the most benefits from CRM software, some customization is needed.

Customizing CRM software means making it a better fit for the specific needs of your business. CRM system customization may occur in a variety of ways. For instance, you may need to add additional fields that are not supported by the platforms but are necessary to collect specific data that your business wants.

In other cases, you may need to integrate existing marketing and sales automation tools to create a specific scenario that is relevant to your business. Or, you may need to integrate the platform with tools and services that are non-CRM tools but that will make your operations more effective and optimized.

Whatever the needs of your businesses, QPSoftware can assist you in transforming your chosen CRM software into a perfect tool for your operations in China.


The benefits of integrating a CRM platform into your operations are undeniable. Companies that have invested in this technology experience a rise in sales, customer satisfaction and enhanced productivity.

If you see that your business in China needs a CRM solution, contact QPSoftware. We have over 10 years of experience in the Chinese market. We can analyze your business model and suggest the best CRM solution for you to use in China. Moreover, we can customize the tool according to your needs and make it more effective in boosting your success in the Chinese market.

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