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Nowadays, a company having a website is a must. Not having a website would be a major mistake and you will potentially lose out on a huge number of customers. Moreover, simply having a website is not enough if you want to perform well in your market. There are other elements, such as design, that you will need to take into account. This is called the marketing collateral or visual identity.

What is Marketing Collateral?

Innovative marketing collateral is used to support your company's primary advertising message to your consumers. Marketing collateral or brand collateral is also used to communicate key information to your channel partners about your company’s products or services. With the digital evolution, marketing collateral formats are now far beyond printed material. They include web content and point of sale electronic devices.


Many companies, but not all, have marketing collateral designs. However, it is not always of the best quality. When your marketing collateral is properly executed, designed and developed, it will allow your company to have an incalculable advantage over your competitors. You will manifest an image of growth and modernity to your customers and to your team members.

QPSoftware can help you meet this challenge by either developing creative marketing collateral from scratch, or by empowering already existing brand collateral. We will empower your materials with brand images that reflect perfectly what you are as a company and gain the trust of new customers and partners — a perfect look and feel, for a perfect company.


QPSOFTWARE can help you to create:

  • Logos: The logo is the center piece of your business. The first element that catches the eye of the customer. It must be strong, relevant and needs to translate your ideas into images. You want a unique logo that is relevant to your industry.
  • Visual identity: This is the way a corporation, company, or business presents themselves to the public. QPSoftware, will help you build a visual identity that will present your company’s view, vision and objectives.
  • Sales presentations: The sales presentations will help you to introduce your company to new clients. In some cases, with potential clients, it will help you to close the deal. It can be viewed on any digital device, or in a printed version.
  • Brochures and Product Data Sheets: Brochures and product data sheets will help you to distribute more information regarding your offers. We will create highly-engaging printed and/or digital (PDF format) brochures that can be used on your website or E-commerce website.
  • Business cards: These are a useful networking material for professionals and they also assist as a promotional tool for a company. A persuasive design with the perfect combination of color and images helps you enhance these advantages when you share your card.


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As the leading web design agency in Shanghai and China, QPSoftware understands and implements the fundamentals of marketing into everything that we create. Our web designers will successfully combine aesthetic appeal with insightful messaging that strengthens your company’s impact on the customer. We will exceed your expectations by combining our user centric strategy and our expertise in graphic design. Our services are available for small or large corporations, either in China or internationally.


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