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You have your website, but now, you want to rely on a professional agency to manage it. Or, your website or E-commerce website has been designed and developed by a first web agency, but you are looking for a professional support team to take care of it 24/7. QPSoftware is a leading digital agency in Shanghai with more than 10 years of experience in providing safe, fast and professional web maintenance.

When does your website need maintenance?

Our experienced team can help you to solve these following issues:

  • Update content on the website, E-commerce website, WeChat Mini Program, CRM, ERP, etc.
  • Solve frontend or backend bugs
  • Keep your WordPress website updated, or any other CMS updated (Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, Drupal Commerce, etc.)
  • Add a new page to your website
  • Add a new payment system to your E-commerce website
  • Add a new feature to your website or E-commerce website
  • Add new plugins
  • Troubleshoot when your platform has been attacked
  • Make urgent changes
  • Previous provider did a poor job on your back office
  • Website is poorly referenced, and no one is contacting you
  • Website is not optimized for mobile
  • Website loading speed is very slow
  • And more

These are many of the issues that a platform can face that may appear in the short or long run.


QPSOFTWARE expertise a wide range of digital platforms such as:

  • Corporate website
  • Ecommerce website
  • ERP, CRM, BI, etc.
  • WeChat Account
  • Mini Programs
  • Web application
  • Native application

We are qualified to manage a wide range of digital products and services because we have more than ten years of experience in the field and we have been working with several different CMSs (Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, Magento, PrestaShop and Drupal Commerce, etc.) and technologies (WeChat, iOS, Android, etc.).


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QPSoftware offers 2 unique approaches to website maintenance:

  1. The corrective maintenance: The corrective maintenance is related to all the issues that a platform or application has, and this means that our experts will correct all the existing bugs.
  2. The evolving maintenance: The evolving maintenance is a wide maintenance approach. It means that it will combine the existing bugs and any other tasks to create an evolution of the platform or application (e.g.: a new functionality, a new page, a new design, etc).


QPSoftware usually does an audit of your platform to understand what technology your platform has been built on. Once this audit is finished and we have all the needed information (e.g.: database access, back office access, FTP files and access, SSH credentials if required, etc.) we will be able to work on your platform and perform the needed changes.

QPSoftware works as follows:

  • The first option would be that we receive the list of bugs or requirements. Or we create our own list of bugs, if you have not already done so. The second option is that we perform all the tests ourselves, to detect bugs in the platform or application.
  • We estimate how much time we need to solve or implement changes.
  • We propose a maintenance contract of a certain number of hours (this can match or not match our estimation).
  • Once it is accepted, we start to work on the tasks.
  • We track the real time spent on each task.
  • With the real time spent on each task, we deduct these hours from the number of hours in the contract.
  • We create a report to show all the tasks (including the time spent on them) that have been successfully accomplished.
  • Once the hours of the maintenance contract reach their end, or if we don’t have enough time to finish the remaining tasks, we will suggest creating a new maintenance contract which will allow us to finish the remaining tasks.


As the leading web development agency in Shanghai and China, QPSoftware can help you to manage and improve your website for the Chinese market. We can provide you with full support, as well as design and technical advice to enhance your platform for one of the largest economies in the world.

Moreover, QPSoftware can also work with different technologies and different types of platforms. This will help you to succeed in China and internationally. We adapt our solutions for both small and large corporations.


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