Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI) tools are what you need to understand and develop your business to the next level. Nothing is more valuable for a company than collecting data, analyzing it and using it for strategic planning. Whether your purpose is to have a detailed business analysis, or to create a productivity management tool which improves your overall performance, QPSoftware is here to help you create the right tools for what you want.

Benefits of using business intelligence tools:

  • Accelerated and improved decision making.
  • Optimizing internal business processes.
  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Driving new revenues.
  • Obtaining competitive advantages over competitors.
  • Identifying market trends.
  • Identifying business problems that need to be corrected

We can help you grow your business by collecting and analyzing strategic data that improves the productivity of your teams/employees, creates a more cost-effective supply chain and identifies key elements in your business that you can leverage to your advantage.


BI tools provide critical information by collecting historical data about your company and its performance. The collected data is extremely useful in analyzing what your company has accomplished, how efficient your production process is and what may need to be improved.

How does business intelligence help business?

Through the creation of reports, charts, graphs and other analytical tools you can gain precious insights that will provide awareness concerning how well your company is operating. Based on these figures, you can understand trends and implement better strategic business decisions. A good use of BI tools will create a better profit margin for your company and will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Unlike many BI platforms, QPSoftware will develop a customized solution designed and optimized to collect truly relevant data that is specific to your needs. Our BI solutions can be implemented for both new and existing businesses.


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Our Productivity Management tools  help both logistics companies and manufacturing companies to improve the productivity of their teams/employees and the management of their warehouse or supply chain.  Good organization and an optimized production process are the first steps in reducing operating costs and maximizing profits. Thanks to our customized productivity management tools, you can have a clear picture of the effectiveness of your industrial processes.

The data collected by our productivity management tools will give you a clear indication of how to better coordinate your workforce, improve your warehouse management, ensure smooth supply chain operation and improve the overall productivity of your team. As a result, your company will cut costs, improve productivity and be in a better position to offer the best customer service experience.


To develop these customized and perfect tools for your business, QPSoftware is using two main technologies:

  • Software Tableau: This is a mature technology which has existed for more than ten years. It allows the interactive data visualization to be a central part of understanding your information. Data coming from different sources will be transformed into dashboards which quickly and easily assimilate your diverse information. They offer a deep comprehensive customer support and allows users to leverage any number of data points to conduct an analysis.
  • Power B.I. Microsoft: This is a more recent technology that offers the same service as Software Tableau, but with different features. Power B.I. is heavily integrated with Microsoft’s portfolio, including the Azure Cloud Platform and, in general, it is a more affordable option.


QPSoftware is a team of experts that will listen to your needs and understand them. They will search for and create the best solutions for your business. We do not offer standardized solutions to our clients. Rather, we create customized solutions that perfectly suit your demands and achieve the results you want.

QPSoftware has more than 10 years of experience in designing and developing professional Business Intelligence tools and CRM. We can satisfy the needs of small and large corporations. With our international environment, we can address the needs of customers from anywhere on the globe.


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