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Many companies are now launching products for their market or their clients. These products are related to your company’s business, either in gaining more market share, satisfying your clients, developing new products, extending your range of products or solutions and more.

In moving forward with this effort, there are many elements to take into account. First, market research needs to be done to make sure that your products have some potential, or to find a new product. Secondly, there is designing with the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) elements in mind. Once approved, you will begin the development of your product. Finally, once developed, begins the testing process. This is a key element to the successful launch of your solution.


As said previously, testing is an essential step when launching your product in the market. Why is this step essential to a successful launch? It is crucially important because it allows you to see the various bugs in:

  • The different released versions (both old and new versions with their different functionalities);
  • The user interface (UI) in different browsers/mobiles;
  • The different functions within the website and/or the application;
  • The elements that are viewable in the different markets;
  • The application when it is accessible in the market;
  • The different user scenarios.

Once these different aspects of testing are completed, your App or website will be able to deliver an exceptional digital experience across any device, operating system version, screen resolution and network condition. By doing cycles of testing, you will continuously improve your web and hybrid applications. QPSoftware performs tests, both automated and manual, on the most used iOS and Android devices.

Our library of devices includes both Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. Moreover, also included are Chinese brand devices such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei. Testing on real devices allows us to detect both major and minor issues, no matter what device, screen size or software version. These issues will be detailed within a high-quality bug report.


At QPSoftware we have implemented regression testing to empower the efficiency of application delivery on the market. But what is regression testing?

Regression testing is the method to test all the changes made on your program or application to make sure that the older codes are still working with the new changes.

By implementing regression testing, the testers at QPSoftware have set up a variety of code test scenarios and exercises to test the changes made. These scenarios and exercises will allow the teams, not only test the new codes for their new functionalities, but also to test the older codes, in order to verify that nothing has been altered during the improvement of the application. We do this because there is a possibility that the older codes might not work due to changes and additions of new code to the running application.


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The digital world in China is extremely well developed. However, it is quite different and has its own specificities. Beside the enormous application called WeChat and its Mini Programs, the app industry is booming. That is why trying to reach a market of 1.547 billion mobile phone subscriptions (data from September 2018, Statista) is a real opportunity for you.

However, believing that your international application would properly work in China is a terrible mistake. There are many different elements that need to be considered if you wish to target this market.

As you know, the Chinese market is very different from any other market. Even the market share for mobile phones in China is very different from any other country. Indeed, the top 5 sellers in China are:

    1.    Huawei
    2.    Oppo
    3.    Vivo
    4.    Xiaomi
    5.    Apple

As you can see, Apple is ranked fifth in the market share of mobile phones in China (Samsung is ranked eighth). This shows that it is very different from the Western world and you should take that into account when you want to develop, or export, an application in the Chinese market


QPSoftware has specialized testing for applications either in the international market or, more specifically, in the Chinese market. We are a leading web agency in Shanghai, China. Thanks to our team of experts, we have already helped clients of every size to test their applications and release successful, clean and flawless applications.


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