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There is a full range of E-commerce design and development solutions to create, integrate and support your website for a successful marketing strategy. Cost-effective management, scalability, and a great user experience are all crucial elements to becoming a successful E-commerce business and for your online business to continue to grow.  QPSoftware is a top E-commerce agency in Shanghai that optimizes each step of your E-commerce development to create a solution that best suits you and your audience.

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Over the past 10 years, we have helped clients of all sizes to not only sell their products online, but to have their brand stand out from the crowd.


Creating or expanding an E-commerce website is a challenging task that requires a significant amount of technical skills, analytics, data and careful planning. QPSoftware is a top E-commerce company in Shanghai that offers you a professional E-commerce consulting service to analyze your marketing plans. Drupal, Magento and Prestashop are excellent platforms to sell online, but not all of them are the perfect solution for your E-commerce store development. Our E-commerce developers will advise you on the best shopping cart to integrate into your existing website, or if it is better to build a new one. All our E-commerce solutions are scalable, meaning that they can be expanded and integrated as your online business grows.


Speed is critical for selling online and for the growth of your business. QPSoftware designs E-commerce solutions that are optimized to complete transactions quickly and easily.

User experience is one of the primary goals of our E-commerce development. We create easy to navigate online shops where everything is just a click away. Your customers can finalize purchases in a matter of seconds which enhances their experience and maximizes your transactions.

To increase your return on investment (ROI), we create a back-end administration process that is easy to manage. For example, you can easily and quickly add products, create promotions, manage your stocks, track performances, expand your online shop and much more. All of this being accomplished with an efficient use of time to increase your margins.

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QPSoftware has over 10 years of experience in the industry, and our E-commerce developers have established an efficient workflow that has proved to be successful for hundreds of our clients, including:

  • E-commerce website consulting. We listen to your marketing goals to understand what you want, determine your specific needs and plan a customized project for your business.
  • E-commerce coding/development. Once the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) have been optimized, our team will code and develop your E-commerce website and make it web ready. We will create SEO friendly code to achieve top performance. Finally, a thorough testing will make sure everything is working as planned.
  • Launch and promote your E-commerce website. QPSoftware can manage SEO campaigns to promote your E-commerce and attract more customers.


Superior quality and reliable customer care are our trademarks.

QPSoftware is a leading E-commerce agency in China. You will work with an international team of skilled professionals that can assist you in any phase of your project. Thanks to the bilingual nature of our team, we can work with customers from everywhere around the world. We develop E-commerce websites for the international market for small and large companies.


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