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Before talking about WeChat Stores, let’s start with the basics. At its beginning, WeChat was a messaging app that quickly extended its social media functionalities. It included services such as: payment solutions for brick and mortar shops, online payment solutions, taxi ordering, purchasing transportation tickets and bike rentals. Whatever could be imagined.

In large part, thanks to the many WeChat E-commerce functions, it has become the electronic wallet of its users. By allowing visitors of your E-commerce website to make purchases with WeChat, you enable a new method of payment that creates an exceptionally seamless user experience. This will increase your sales conversion rate. As said previously, WeChat is becoming an independent ecosystem. With all these features, the goal is to accomplish all the tasks of daily life, such as talking, playing, shopping and everything else, without ever having to leave WeChat.


A WeChat Store or Weixin Store is a mobile website that is linked to the menu of a WeChat Official Account. All the WeChat users will have access to your WeChat store and will be able to perform a one-click-payment through WeChat Payment, commonly called WeChat Pay.


There are two main ways to start a WeChat Store, let’s explore them:

  • 1.Third-party WeChat E-commerce platforms:

    A third-party WeChat E-commerce platform is an existing platform offering the possibility to open your own WeChat Store by using their services. Each third-party platform has their own pros and cons. Let’s discover the more common ones:

    •      Pros:

      • They are easy to set up.
      • They can be free, or with a monthly or yearly fee.
      • They are good for small businesses, or to start a new business.
    •      Cons:

      • The design is not changeable.
      • You need a valid Chinese phone number and/or a valid business license.
      • They do not support Alipay.
      • The back-office is in Chinese.
      • There is no cross-border solution.
  • 2.Your own WeChat E-commerce platform:

    QPSoftware develops independent WeChat E-commerce platforms. We call this solution a WeChat web app. It is more commonly a website with the WeChat format. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this solution:

    •      Pros:

      • This allows cross-border E-commerce.
      • The design is completely customizable.
      • It supports all types of payment (UnionPay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, etc.).
      • It can login with WeChat account, email, phone numbers, etc.
      • There is an unlimited page of products and simultaneous orders.
      • The back-office can be in English or any other language.
      • There is no monthly fee, yearly fee, or royalties.
      • Your WeChat Store can be connected to your CRM, ERP, WMS, OMS, etc.
    •      Cons:

      • The length of time to setup and develop is longer (can be faster by using MVP, V1, V2, etc.).
      • A larger investment is required.


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A WeChat Store allows you to provide your users an easy, fast and mobile accessible way to view your products. It is also an easy way to handle payments. Moreover, you should not forget the crucial element of your customer service.

As we explained previously, WeChat is important in China because of its unbeatable ecosystem of services. It became a habit for users to look for information, or to ask questions on the WeChat Official Account. By combining your WeChat Store and WeChat Official Account, you allow your users and customers to speak with ease to your customer service. They simply write to or speak with your WeChat Official Account.

Another useful aspect of your WeChat Store is that it will allow you to send discounts to your customers through your WeChat Official Account. As a result of this ability, you will keep your customers closer to you as you update them with your latest promotions. Effectively, you will develop greater engagement with them.


QPSoftware is the leading web agency in Shanghai and throughout China. Our web designers and WeChat web app developers will create a tailored WeChat Store for you to successfully sell your products on WeChat and develop your business through its ecosystem. Our web designers will design your WeChat store to your specifications and requirements and for the needs of your target customers. Our WeChat web app developers will use the most suitable technology (Magento, PrestaShop, Drupal Commerce, etc.) to develop your solution. We help both large and small corporations to enter and succeed in the Chinese market.


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