QPSoftware is a top WeChat Agency in China

QPSoftware is a top WeChat agency located in Shanghai offering design and development of WeChat Mini Programs, WeChat Stores and WeChat Web apps.


Get access to millions of potential clients with WeChat, the most popular app in China.
Nowadays, WeChat is much more than a messaging app. It has become a daily assistant for doing almost everything. Through the flexibility of the WeChat environment we can provide WeChat Mini Programs, a WeChat store and web app solutions.

With our expertise in WeChat solutions for both Chinese and international clients, QPSoftware is a leading WeChat agency in China. We find the WeChat solution that fits your needs the most. Then, we strengthen it with a creative and appealing design for the Chinese market.

Design and develop customized WeChat Mini Programs that will help you to reach your goals and that offer the best solutions for your clients.

Open your own WeChat store. Seize the opportunity of cross-border or traditional E-commerce in China and reach millions of Chinese customers in their native environment: WeChat.

Create your own WeChat H5 pages. This will allow you to have a responsive web solution to reach people on WeChat and other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions
What can WeChat do?

You can do almost everything with WeChat. Imagine a single app that can accomplish as much as the rest of the apps stored on your phone. From renting a bike, to calling a taxi. From booking a hotel, to paying the restaurant bill. From finding a house, to paying the electric bill. With the flexibility of Mini Programs, and the capacity of WeChat stores, we can develop a WeChat solution for every need.

Why WeChat is so successful?

WeChat, or Weixin, is popular for several reasons. At the beginning, WeChat was only a messaging app. Yet, now, WeChat has become an entire ecosystem that allows you to do many different things. It has eliminated the need to go out of the app to do many daily tasks, such as buying your metro ticket or chatting with your friends. On WeChat you can split the bill and check your expenses, but in a B2B way. You can also get paid by your customers or realize payments (with WeChat Pay). In this way, WeChat has become the way of doing business for many Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs. Yet, it is also used in the daily life of almost everyone in China.

What are WeChat Mini Programs?

WeChat Mini Programs are applications that work inside the environment of WeChat. They have been developed inside the WeChat framework and don’t need to be downloaded from an app store because they are already integrated inside your WeChat app. You can have access to them at any time and you do not need any additional storage to use them.

What is the cost of a WeChat Mini Program?

In broad terms, WeChat Mini Program development is less expensive than traditional app development. The final cost of developing your WeChat Mini Program will depend on the customization and functions that you want to implement. Feel free to contact us to request a quote.

What is a QR code?

Originally used for logistics, a QR code is a two-dimensional code that gives you instant access, or Quick Response (QR), to the information it hides. Since you can read them with your smartphone, QR codes became very popular in China for marketing purposes. WeChat apps contain a QR code scanner that allows users to realize payments, access promotions, or even add new users to their friends list. Moreover, WeChat Mini Programs have their own QR code shape.

How to download a WeChat Mini Program?

Mini Programs are stored inside the WeChat app. So, they don’t follow the regular app download process. Unlike traditional apps, there is not a ‘Mini Program store’ where users can find, manage and download Mini Programs. Users get access to Mini Programs usually via QR codes, shared from friends, or by looking for them directly in the WeChat search browser.


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