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Since their inception in January 2017, Mini Programs have not stopped becoming more and more important. The over 1 billion WeChat users have come to appreciate the functionality of this new tool by Tencent.

As of today, WeChat Mini Programs have become a principal instrument for making businesses grow and thrive in China.

In less than two years, WeChat's Mini Programs have developed into an essential tool for the marketing ecosystem of every business targeting the Chinese market. Less expensive than developing a Native app, developing a WeChat Mini Program helps you reach a broader audience and easily converts new users.


One of the top characteristics of Mini Programs is how light they are. They are limited to 10MB in size. Moreover, the user doesn't need to download it. This is because it is already integrated into the WeChat system. As they are hosted on Tencent’s servers, Mini Programs are very fast, offering a great user experience.

These are critical factors for acquiring new users. The fact that it does not need to be downloaded, invites more people to come to your Mini Program. Even if only to have a look. Furthermore, the cost of developing a Native app is usually higher than the cost to develop an average WeChat Mini Program.

Moreover, Mini Programs are easy to share. Therefore, happy users can quickly become a useful marketing tool in your hands.

Statistics show that WeChat Mini users are particularly prone to spending small amounts of money, especially under 1000 RMB. Therefore, Mini Programs can be strategically used to increase sales among users with lower spending power, or to push specific products.

A skillfully designed and developed Mini Program is an invaluable tool to boost your business online, or to increase and retain your audience.


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A WeChat Mini Program can be developed as a complement to an existing Native app. Alternatively, you can create your Mini Program first and then decide later whether to add a Native app to your business.

Even though Mini Programs are not a substitute for Native apps, they are used with excellent results in several scenarios.

  • Mini Programs are statistically very efficient to target an audience in low-tier cities where purchasing power is limited. For instance, most users in these areas have an inexpensive phone plan and are therefore attracted by the ability to access Mini Programs without downloading them.
  • WeChat Mini Programs are ideal for running marketing campaigns involving vouchers, special offers, promotional announcements and so on. For instance, WeChat Mini Games are excellent for engaging your audience and can quickly go viral.
  • A Mini Program can offer support to your WeChat E-commerce being a gateway to direct new users to your store.
  • High-end websites can leverage the WeChat Mini Program to give new users a taste of their services. With the aim of later moving them to a Native app, website, or E-commerce.

The potential of WeChat Mini Programs is huge, and its functionality continues to expand. You will have a powerful marketing tool in your hand that will assist you in penetrating the Chinese market and that will help make your presence more visible.


Even though powerful, Mini Programs need to be created following specific rules and with a clear marketing strategy in mind.

QPSoftware is a top WeChat Mini Program developer in China. We have been developing Mini Programs since their inception and have acquired a thorough understanding of how they function. Moreover, we have an extensive grasp of the Tencent ecosystem and can develop solutions that will not be blocked by Tencent. Furthermore, our international team is ready to develop WeChat Mini Programs in Chinese, English or any other language that you need.

Our team can analyze your business model and advise you on the best Mini Program for your marketing goals. Together we can set your customized Mini Program to create targeted marketing campaigns, whether it is a WeChat Mini Game, voucher, promotional announcement, or anything else. In the circumstance where the Mini Program is not a suitable solution for your business, you can also develop a WeChat web app by using common web technologies.


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