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QPSoftware is a top Mobile app agency located in Shanghai offering app design, app development and app testing.


Our team of app experts will design, develop and test your mobile app for the Chinese and international markets. We believe in user experience apps that are built on solid Native or Hybrid technologies with creativity and passion. We build mobile applications that meet your business goals and the needs of your clients. QPSoftware has been delivering successful apps for more than ten years for hundreds of clients all around the world.

User friendly and conversion-oriented UI and UX app designs that will increase your brand awareness, enhance your productivity and reach millions of users in the Chinese and international markets.

High-end mobile apps that have the user in mind. We develop your app solution for iOS, Android and the Chinese market with the latest cutting-edge technology and with data-analytics to guarantee continuous performance improvement of your product.

Multi-device app testing with the greatest attention to detail provides your users with an exceptional digital experience. Our skilled app experts can perform testing for the international and Chinese markets.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to launch an App in China?

The Chinese mobile app market is unique to its own environment, due to a cultural and legal framework that is distant from the international mobile app market. As a top Mobile App Agency in Shanghai we can help you to overcome the challenge of launching a mobile application in China.

One of the first challenges when becoming involved in the Chinese mobile app market is the great firewall. At QPSoftware we help you with all the paperwork involved in publishing an app in China. We also ensure that your app meets the requirements to operate within the Chinese frontier.

Secondly, China has more than 70 app stores, such as Baidu Store. However, international app stores like Google Play are blocked. We can help you to have a presence in the most popular stores and meet their legal requirements, thus allowing your company to reach millions of potential clients.

Chinese users are attracted to different designs than international users are attracted to. Our Chinese and international team of app designers understand and follow the latest app design trends in China, with the goal of adapting your product to local preferences.

Your mobile app must be in Chinese, as the vast majority of the country only speaks Mandarin or doesn’t feel comfortable with apps in English. We can help you to localize your app in this way.

Finally, if your app contains in app purchases you will need to use a Chinese payment system such as WeChat Pay or Alipay. As a top Mobile App Agency in China, we are skilled in integrating third party and payment gateways. We can also help you to integrate them into your app.

What is UI and UX App Design?

User interface, or UI, is the action of creating interfaces in software devices which focus on aesthetics and style. We create friendly and well-designed user interfaces that will improve the user interaction with the app.

User experience, or UX, is the process of improving the usability and accessibility of the app, increasing the satisfaction of the user. Our app designers in Shanghai analyse the needs and experiences of the users to provide the best user experience possible.

How much time is needed to develop a mobile application?

It depends on the complexity and portability of the app. In broad terms, Hybrid or Cross-platform mobile apps usually require less time to develop because the writing process is valid for several operating systems simultaneously.


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