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QPSoftware, the leading website agency in Shanghai, offers you a unique approach to website design. Our strength is in our attention to detail.

We use the Core Model business approach. The first thing that our team will do, is conduct a discovery and competitive analysis. Secondly, we will meet your staff and stakeholders. We want to gather as much information as possible in order to combine your business goals with user needs (UCDC - User Centered Design Approach). QPSoftware will help you to:

  • Understand the target user
  • Define product and market fit
  • Adjust the business to the user and market needs
  • Determine the competitive advantages
  • Create unique value proposition
  • Improve the brand communication and visual identity strategy


After completing the research and establishing a direction, QPSoftware will be able to refine and upgrade your website design which will include:

  • 1.Design Standards & Best Practices

    Using best practice methods as part of our organization's culture, QPSoftware will focus on creating a website design for you that has a responsive layout and site architecture. It will include wireframes that will incorporate new, outstanding visual identity design elements, communicate effectively and, ultimately, be memorable.

    Therefore, QPSOFTWARE will:

    • Conduct necessary user research and usability testing to achieve objectives.
    • Include wireframes, website design elements, mockups, etc.
    • Ensure the new user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) aligns with the best design practices.
    • Develop a new, refined and modernized user interface (UI) design which will match your objectives.
  • 2.Information Architecture

    QPSoftware will work to further define and refine your information architecture if needed. Our focus in this phase is to make content easy to navigate. It will allow the final user to find information and functions quickly and easily. Our goal is to limit the number of “clicks” users must perform to three or less to reach their first destination on the site.

  • 3.Wireframes

    Wireframes will help your audience to focus on a functional specification. This process enables us to get feedback early in the project. It helps to prevent going down the wrong path and requiring expensive rework later in the process. It also creates a detailed blueprint of how the system should behave and this will serve as a guide for our programmers.

  • 4.Graphic & User Interface Design

    This stage begins after the information architecture and wireframes have been finalized. QPSoftware will develop the graphical user interface that will represent you on the web and the mechanisms through which the end user will navigate and interact with the website. QPSoftware will develop multiple concepts of the new website and work with you through multiple rounds of revisions (3 in total) to create a unique and powerful design.

  • 5.Content Creation

    QPSoftware is aware that a copy first approach to website design drives better results, boosts brand image, revitalizes content, and updates product or service offerings. Indeed, QPSoftware strongly believes that design and copywriting are two sides of the same coin; they are inseparable in every way. Users do not see the design and text of a website individually; what they do see, is the website as a single integrated item that is either desirable or is not.


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As the leading web agency in Shanghai and one of the most important web design agencies in China, QPSoftware can design your website for the Chinese market. We can provide you with full support and technical advice to make your voice heard in one of the largest economies in the world.

Moreover, QPSoftware also develops solutions for the international market for both small and large corporations.


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