Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration can be something very abstract. First, we need to clarify the meaning of third-party integration. To put it simply companies are looking to automate their processes and integrate their E-commerce website (in China or worldwide) with other third-party software. It is possible to integrate E-commerce platforms, accounting software and other business software, as well as automate tasks, such as importing orders, starting the optimization and retrieve information about planned routes.

The following operations are supported:

  • Order Management System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Delivery tracking
  • Accounting
  • Payment
  • Marketing automation


QPSOFTWARE can help you accomplish third-party integration. It is an investment that needs to be implemented and by doing so, you will accomplish the following:

  • Reduce your costs
  • Increase the productivity of your departments
  • Have a better analysis of your sales orders
  • Automatize your campaign management
  • Connect your different E-commerce stores (JD and Tmall for China)
  • Keep synchronized your online stores and CRM
  • An improved ability to reach your customers
  • Your sales and accounting teams will remain united

There are many other advantages that will be specific to your business and your objectives. From a general point of view, it will produce great benefits to you and your team by reducing the time spent on each task, while increasing the efficiency and performance of your business.


Once you know the different software you want to integrate and combine, there are two main options to reach your objective:

  • You can use the standard connectors for the most famous tools;
  • Or you will need some custom development;

In each case, we will need to talk about APIs. They are a bridge connecting the different systems and allowing them to integrate. Sometimes, the APIs are already existing, and in this case, you will need to choose which one will make the life of the developers easier. Otherwise, if these are not available, you will need to make these connections yourself. This is something very specific and technical that QPSOFTWARE can help you with.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Basically, it is a software that allows two applications to transmit information to each other. You can imagine the API as the messenger that delivers your petition to the provider and then gives you their response.


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Third-party integration is very relevant in China. It is both dynamic and has the will to always go further. Additionally, with its recent development, there is no other main tool which can accomplish what it can, namely, the integrating of the local CRM, order management system, delivery tracking, accounting, warehouse management system, or marketing automation.

China is unique in that they do not have any main tools accomplishing the previously mentioned operations. Most of the local solutions are customized and different from each other. This uniqueness between the different operations, makes it very hard to find similar elements between them. As a result, the only way to link them together is to create and customize each API to that specific company.

Moreover, especially in China where there are many different market places, with third-party integration you can link all your different online stores. Whether it be your own E-commerce website, your shop on JD, Tmall, WeChat (Mini Program or Web WeChat page), Xiaohongshu (also known in English as the Little Red Book) and many other platforms. These APIs will allow you to have “one platform to rule them all”.


Thanks to its experience within the Chinese and international market, QPSoftware, a web agency in China, will help you to create your third-party integration. Our international team of skilled developers will guide you throughout the integration of your operations. With the multilingual nature of our team, we can work with clients from everywhere around the world.


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