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China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)

Presented here is an outline of the most commonly raised inquiries concerning China's Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)

Your Guide to the Mini Programs of China

Mini Programs comparison of features and market share on Wechat, Alipay, Douyin and Baidu

ICP license for E-commerce China Guide

Learn about ICP license requirements, the application process, and the importance of obtaining an ICP license for websites operating in China.

What Is WeChat Mini Program - All you need to know

Discover all you need to know about WeChat Mini Programs and their features, benefits, and potential for businesses looking to reach Chinese customers

Cloud Hosting in China

Learn about the differences between cloud hosting in China and the rest of the world. Compare the strengths of major Chinese cloud hosting providers.

How to do Website Localization

Learn how to effectively localize a website for the Chinese market to increase traffic, optimize user experience and strengthen SEO.

The Growth of The Bike Sharing Industry in China Hero image

Explore the competitors in China's bike-sharing industry. Discover how bike-sharing industry differs between various Chinese cities.

Most Popular Chinese Search Engines QPSoftware

Take an in depth look at the top Chinese search engines, including Baidu, Sogou, and Qihoo 360, and explore their market share and unique features.

KOL – Live Web Steaming - Flash Sales

Learn how to create a KOL marketing campaign to boost your online sales and increase engagement. Explore KOL types, case studies, and  latest strategies.

Most Popular payment Gateways China

Discover the most widely used payment gateways in China and find the best option for your business. Compare features and fees with our comprehensive guide.

What is the Digital Yuan (e-CNY)?

China's digital yuan, or e-CNY, is the world's first state-backed digitial fiat currency. How does it work and how can you start using it?

Wechat Features list QPSoftware

Get the most out of WeChat with this comprehensive guide to its features. Learn how to use WeChat for messaging, payment, business and more.

Setting Up a WeChat Official Account for Overseas Businesses

Get a WeChat Official Service Account set up for you overseas business. Follow these four main steps and prepare a fee of 99USD.

Baidu Certifications

Get Baidu certified for better SEO in China! Learn how to boost your digital marketing with Baidu's certifications.

Google Translate Alternatives

Learn about Google Translate alternatives, such as translation services from Baidu, Sogou Translate, Wechat, Youdao, Yandex, and Bing.

Everything You Can Do with WeChat QR Codes in 2019

Discover how to generate and use WeChat QR codes for marketing, payment, and authentication purposes. Learn how WeChat QR codes can grow your business.


WeData Analytics: Get better insights from your Mini Program

While Google Analytics and Baidu Tongji work for WeChat Mini Programs, WeData has a variety of features and functionality optimized for Mini Programs.

  • Mini-program
  • SEO
Make your app run faster with Redis

Redis is an open-source database platform used by a variety of major tech companies. Start implementing Redis to improve your app's API performance.

  • Design
  • Development
The Development Trends of WeChat Mini-Program in 2022

In depth look at the continued growth of WeChat Mini-Programs for e-commerce and other purposes, with features such as AI and more interactivity.

A Comprehensive Guide to Cross-Border E-Commerce in China

Discover tips on selling to China from abroad with this guide. We cover regulations, logistics, payments, and more to get you started!

Guidance to STEAM Education in China

Get an overview of China's STEAM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, education and how it compares with STEM.

Compare E-Commerce capabilities of WeChat's most recent features. Learn how to leverage both Mini Programs and Channels live to grow sales.


An in depth look at China's PIPL or personal information protection law and how will it impact E-commerce businesses.

How Luxury Brands Engage with Chinese Consumers via WeChat Mini Program

Discover how luxury brands are leveraging WeChat's Mini programs for gamifaction, AR/VR, livestreaming, cross-border e-commerce, and personalization.

5 Essential Tools for B2B Marketing in China

Learn how to use tools from WeChat, Baidu, Alibaba, LinkedIn, and Marketo to grow an E-commerce business in China.

Guidance to WeChat Cross-Border E-commerce

Learn how WeChat can be a valuable tool for foreign businesses looking to expand into the Chinese e-commerce market.

good live streaming show

Learn how to host a successful live streaming show with our tips on preparation, audience engagement, and equipment selection.

wechat fetures for ecommerce

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging WeChat Official Accounts, Mini Programs, and WeChat Pay to increase customer loyalty and drive sales.

Open mobile ecommerce app china

Learn how to navigate the Chinese mobile ecommerce market and optimize your online store with the latest platforms and newest features.

  • Maintenance
omnichannel china

Discover the latest omni-channel practices and strategies for delivering and optimizing a seamless customer experience across all channels.

ecommerce trends china

Discover how to capitalize on the booming Chinese e-commerce market with the top e-commerce trends in China and take your business to the next level.

With COVID policies winding down, learn how to navigate the ever-changing e-commerce landscape and adapt your online business.

Gamification trends

Learn about the latest e-learning gamification strategies and how they can enhance the effectiveness of online training and education.

E-learning trends 2020

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest e-learning trends. Explore new technologies and strategies for creating effective online training experiences.

Develop e-learning

Learn about key considerations for developing effective e-learning content, including instructional design, multimedia development, and testing.

User Validation VS Client expectations

Learn the difference between user validation and client expectations to successfully balance the needs of your users with the goals of your clients.

Digital Marketing Trends China

Stay ahead of the newest digital marketing trends in China and learn about the latest platforms, trends, and influencer marketing strategies.

web design trends in china

Discover the latest web design trends in China. Stay up-to-date on the newest designs aesthetics, features, and trends to enhance your website.

The Revolution of H5 Pages in China

Unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns in China with H5 pages. Explore effective H5 campaign case studies and learn how H5 pages work.

How to Get your Business License in China

Learn about what you need to obtain a business license in China, including license types, documents needed, and the company registration process.

Native Vs Hybrid Apps

Compare Native vs Hybrid mobile app development approaches, understand their benefits and limitations, and choose the best solution for your business.


E-Learning Opportunities for the Chinese Market and Worldwide

Explore the growing e-learning market in China, including popular platforms and opportunities for businesses to enter the market.

Video Sharing China

Learn about the most popular video sharing platforms in China and their unique features, including TikTok, Douyin, and Kuaishou.

sitemap  ecommerce

Discover the importance of sitemaps for ecommerce websites and how they can improve website navigation and search engine optimization.

7 New Chinese E-commerce Trends to Watch

Stay up-to-date with the latest ecommerce trends in China, including market growth, popular payment methods, and emerging technologies.

Drupal SEO

Maximize your Drupal website's search engine visibility with Drupal SEO best practices, including content optimization, meta tags, and site structure.

wechat work app

Learn about the latest updates and best practices for using WeChat Work and how to best leverage Wechat Work for business communication and collaboration.

What is Baiduspider and How to Manage It

Stay up to date on Baidu Spider, the crawler used by China's largest search engine Baidu, and how it impacts your website SEO in China.

The Essential Apps to Survive in Shanghai as an Expat

Explore the top apps for navigating life in Shanghai like a local, including Chinese apps for transportation, food delivery, and entertainment.

How to Choose the Right CRM to Operate in China

Discover the best CRM solutions for businesses operating in China, including features, benefits and how to choose the best one for your company.

How to use Video and Audio to enhance your Website

Enhance your website experience with audio and video content. Learn the benefits, best practices and tips to integrate audio and video on your website.


How to Open, Run and Promote a WeChat Store in China

Start selling online with a WeChat store. Learn how to set up, manage, optimize and market your store for maximum sales in China.

Magento China ecommerce

Stay ahead of the competition with Magento eCommerce. Learn how top Chinese brands leverage Magento to succeed in the world's largest eCommerce market.

How to do Website Localization in China in 2020

Maximize your reach in China's digital market with website localization. Explore tips on adapting content, design, and technology for a successful launch.

WordPress China - QPSoftware

Learn how to optimize your WordPress website for better performance in China. Explore key factors such as hosting, plugins, and censorship considerations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prototypes

Explore the pros and cons of prototyping for complex projects. Get insights on when prototyping can be beneficial and when to avoid it.

How to achieve greater UX through User Research - QPSoftware

Discover the steps to performing effective user research for UX design. Learn how to gather user insights to improve your product's user experience.

WeChat official account for foreigner - QPSoftware

Learn how to set up a WeChat Official Account for your foreign company in China with our step-by-step guide of the entire process.

Learn how to set up and use China's leading web analytics tool, Baidu Analytics (Tongji), to improve your website's performance.

how to get followers for WeChat company page

Grow your WeChat Official Account's following with nine proven strategies to reach and engage with your target audience in China.

Best Project Management Tools and Techniques to Success

Find the best project management tools and techniques for your team. Get insights on improving productivity, communication, and teamwork in your projects.

Change your site http to https

Make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS with ease by following our comprehensive guide. Learn about how HTTPS improves your website's security and SEO.

How UI and UX impact SEO

Discover the relationship between UI/UX and SEO. Learn how good design and user experience can boost your website's search engine ranking and visibility.

New China Cross-Border E-commerce Rules: What You Need to Know

Stay ahead of the game with the latest updates on China's cross-border e-commerce rules, including regulations, taxes, and cross-border shipping.

How to Start an E-Commerce Business in China

Learn how to start an ecommerce business in China with our tips on market research, payment options, shipping, and regulations.

How to Manage a WeChat Account

Efficiently manage your WeChat Official Account by learning how to plan content, interact with followers, and analyze performance.

How to optimize your site loading speed in China

Learn how to optimize your website with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to boost speed and reduce latency in China for improved user experience.

How to Develop WeChat Mini Programs that Rock

Learn the steps and best practices for developing a WeChat Mini Program. Discover tips on UX design, technical requirements and more.

Why Backup Your Website And How To Do It Correctly

Understand the importance of website backup and learn how to properly backup your website to ensure the safety and security of your online content.

How to index website to Baidu complete Guide

Submit your website to Baidu and increase its visibility in the Chinese market. Learn the process and requirements for a successful application.

WeChat Service vs. Subscription - How to Regis-ter a WeChat Official Account

Discover the differences between WeChat Official Account Subscription and Service Accounts and learn how to register for each with our comprehensive guide.

QPSoftware the Official PrestaShop Provider in China

Become a trusted official Prestashop provider in China with QPSoftware's guide. Learn about the benefits, requirements, and process for certification.

How To Register a Chinese (.cn) Domain Name - Complete Guide

Get a complete guide on how to register a Chinese .cn domain name. Learn about the requirements, process, and best practices for success.

What Is Core Model Process And What Are The Benefits

Understand the Core Model Process and how it works with QPSoftware's guide. Learn about the benefits, key elements, and implementation tips.

Retina Display Design - What Is it and How to Implement it in Your Website or E-CommerceRetina Display Design - What Is it and How to Implement it in Your Website or E-Commerce

Discover the concept of Retina Display Design and learn how to implement it in your projects. Find out what it is, its benefits, and more.

WeChatPay and Alipay Around the World

Learn about the global expansion of WeChat Pay and Alipay. Discover the markets, challenges, and opportunities for using these payment platforms worldwide.

Maximize your online presence in China with Baidu Paid Advertising. Learn how to effectively use Baidu PPC with QPSoftware's comprehensive guide.

A Scrum Approach to Project Management

Improve your project management skills with the Scrum approach. Learn the key principles and best practices with QPSoftware's guide to Scrum methodology.

The Latest Chinese Mobile Ecommerce Trends

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in Chinese mobile ecommerce and explore the key developments, players, and future projections.

New Digital Marketing Trends 2018 - What Works Worldwide And In China

Stay ahead of the game in China's digital marketing landscape by learning about key developments, strategies, and opportunities.

Stay informed about the latest WeChat Announcements of 2018 and learn about how these exciting opportunities can grow your business in China.

Web Design - Tips for Website

Create a user-friendly and visually appealing website with QPSoftware's web design tips. Learn about the best practices, trends, and tools for success.

How To Create A Mobile App - Tips For App Design

Design a user-friendly and visually appealing app with QPSoftware's tips. Learn about the best practices, trends, and tools for success in app design.

E-commerce Website Development Magento, PrestaShop, Drupal

Learn about top e-commerce platforms Magento, Drupal, and PrestaShop and compare their features, pros and cons, and suitability for your business

Baidu SEO In China

Learn about SEO in China and how to optimize your website for the Chinese market. Explore how Chinese SEO strategies differ from those for Google.

Drupal VS WordPress VS Joomla

Explore the differences between Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. Compare the features, ease of use, and customization options of these popular CMS platforms.

Web Design - Top 6 Apps For Designers

Discover the top 6 app design tools recommended by experts to enhance your web design skills and improve the look of your website.


Explore the success of the Swatch Group through a prospective case study. Learn about the company's innovative strategies and growth journey.

10 Tips for a Healthy Product

Find out the 10 essential tips for creating a healthy product in today's market. Enhance your product development strategies with our insights.

Do I need a license to sell online in China?

Unsure if you need a license to sell online in China? Learn about the regulations and requirements for e-commerce in China our expert insights.

What are the different kinds of Chinese companies?

Explore and compare the different types of Chinese companies, including SOEs, private companies, and joint ventures for doing business in China.

Do I Need a Company in China to Sell Online?

Discover the benefits of having a company in China for selling online. Learn if it's necessary and how QP Software can help you with the process.

How to Host Your Website in China

Learn the steps to successfully host your website in China with QP Software's guide. Stay ahead of the competition with our expert tips.

Make a Viral WeChat Post

Maximize your WeChat marketing strategy with QP Software's tips on how to create viral WeChat posts. Boost your online presence and reach more customers.

QPSoftware at CES Asia Shanghai 2017

Explore QP Software's experience at CES Asia 2017 in Shanghai. Learn about the latest innovations and how to stay at the forefront of technology.

Alibaba - Alipay in India

Understand the impact of Alibaba and Alipay's entry into the Indian market. Read QP Software's analysis of their strategy and potential for success.

Four Strategies to Attract Chinese Buyers

Attract Chinese buyers to your online store with QP Software's 4 proven strategies. Boost sales and expand your customer base with our expert tips.

WeChat Search Engine

Unlock the power of WeChat with QP Software's guide on how to optimize for its search engine. Increase your online visibility and reach more customers.

WeChat App VS WeChat Mini Program

Explore the differences between a WeChat app and a WeChat mini-program. Learn about the pros and cons of each to choose the right one for your business.

WeChat Around The World

Discover how WeChat is changing the way people communicate around the world. Read QP Software's analysis of its global impact and potential for growth.

WeChat in V.R & A.R. like Pokemon Go

Explore how WeChat's VR and AR technology impacts the future of not just gaming but the rest of the WeChat ecosystem and new potential features.

Artificial Intelligence Saves a Boy's Life

Learn how artificial intelligence helped save a boy's life. Explore the potential of AI to revolutionize healthcare and other major industries.

WeChat Pay in UK

Learn about the future of WeChat Pay in the UK and its potential impact on international payments. Read our latest blog post on

Google's Services are Back in China

Stay informed on Google's return to China and its effects on the tech industry. Learn how Google can still impact digital marketing in China.

How To Attract Male Online Buyers In China

Take a in-depth look at the consumer behaviour of male online shoppers in China. Learn tips and strategies to target Chinese male consumers.

Magento for China

Discover why Magento is considered the best solution for the Chinese market. Learn which Magento features & capabilities can help your E-commerce business.


How To Transfer WeChat Official Account

Learn how to transfer your WeChat Official Account with our step-by-step guide on the transfer process, requirements, and considerations.

CEGID - Loyalty Rewards APP

Explore how leading fashion brand Montagut's successful implementation of a mobile loyalty program impacted its customer engagement and sales.