LVMH Watches & Jewelry
LVMH Watches & Jewelry

LVMH Watches & Jewelry

Client: LVMH
Services: CRM, Business Intelligence


As the most recently established of the Group's activities, the Watches & Jewelry sector brings together leading Houses with complementary positions.

LVMH Asia Pacific Ltd turned to QPSOFTWARE to create MYKE: a custom-built CRM system for LVMH Watches & Jewelry, which ensures collection and management of large amounts of customer data to help solve specific problems throughout their customer relationship cycle.

QPSOFTWARE has had a seat at the table from the project’s inception, working closely with the IT team at LVMH to design and develop a viable CRM system that operates on multi-levels for the luxury watch house.

Satisfied with the results, LVMH entrusted QPSOFTWARE with the development of the new version of MYKE with in-depth tools and enhanced visuals.

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Project Details

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LVMH Watches & Jewelry
LVMH Watches & Jewelry

Deployed in more than 30 stores throughout China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, MYKE’s database now includes more than 50 000 users. Indeed, LVMH’s initial request was formulated after having concerns with the standardization of the customer data collection process within its stores, and to improve its global traceability.

At QPSOFTWARE, we knew we had to create a tool that generates KPIs reports to effectively measure LVMH Watch & Jewelry retail store performance, as well as implement metrics to identify user behavior analysis. 

After gathering data on potential customers, in-store vendors will share the collected information between 3 of the most prestigious LVMH Watches & Jewelry houses: Zenith, Hublot and TAG Heuer within 3 different markets: China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

Indeed, QPSOFTWARE provided a set of security features that defines permission to the data shared with peers, management, and subordinates - with different types of access levels to users in MYKE CRM such as Public Read/Write/Delete – according to which store, brand and market the user information was entered.

LVMH Watches & Jewelry
LVMH Watches & Jewelry


  • Defining requirements to establish specifications
  • Performance Management and KPIs
  • UX strategy and UI design
  • Database design and structure
  • Drupal development with customized modules
  • Back office with Permission Settings for multiple users
  • Agile software development
  • Linux configuration with support, training and user guide maintenance
  • CRM maintenance


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