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Our Approach

Our Approach

For a project to be truly successful, a natural synergy between our team members is essential. The same synergy must be established between QPSoftware and our clients. To create an environment where creativity can thrive and open communication with our clients can flow smoothly, there are several different aspects and tools we implement during the development phase.

Depending on the scope and size of the project, some or all of these tools and methods may be used.  No matter the project, the aim is always the same, to create a workflow where everyone involved can freely express themselves and use their capabilities to the full, while each phase of the project is reviewed and accepted by the client. This methodology allows us to deliver higher quality products in a shorter period of time.

Here are some of the different aspects and tools that make up our methodology of project management.

  • Scrum Approach
  • Core Model Process
  • Basecamp
  • Teamwork
  • Github

Scrum is one of the most innovative approaches to the development of a project. It breaks all the rules where a single team leader decides who does what and how a problem must be solved. With Scrum, the team becomes self-organized and cross-referential. Therefore, the team itself decides how to tackle the project, and each member is actively involved in the process of transforming ideas into features and functionalities. The Scrum approach relies on the fact that each team member recognizes the expertise of the other members, and that each team member is in the best position to decide how to solve the problems posed in their field.

A key figure in the Scrum Approach is the Scrum Master.  The Scrum Master makes sure that the Scrum Team never over-commits itself and makes sure that any obstacles faced by the team are removed. Since the role of the Scrum Master is critical, here at QPSoftware, we have a certified Scrum Master who has the competence needed to make the Scrum process highly efficient and productive.

At the end of each sprint, a set time period allotted to the team to complete a specific task, the Scrum Team has to deliver a usable product. The aim is to test the product at every step and make necessary adjustments quickly and easily. Since the project is divided into several sprints, it is easy to make sure that the team is working in the right direction. This approach allows the customers to regularly check if his requirements are being met.

The Scrum approach shortens the development process and ensures a higher quality outcome. Moreover, the final product is always well tested, high-performing, and precisely what the client expected.

The objective of this process is to optimize the content and the structure of your website with both your business objectives and your users’ needs in mind.

During this phase, our team will map out the content of your website to determine the core tasks your users need to accomplish. Once these are defined, we will structure your website in a way that helps users to easily find what they need from your site. At the same time, the core content will be organized to encourage the users to perform the tasks you needed to accomplish your business' goals.

The core model approach brings great results because it is a win-win approach. It makes your website highly useful and relevant to your visitors and puts them in the right frame of mind to generate more conversions.

The key to success for every project is good communication. For every web project, there are so many people involved that keeping communication open and transparent is not an easy task.

We have found the solution to this challenge in a tool called Basecamp. Thanks to Basecamp we can stay on top of every project because we can easily organize people, assign tasks and monitor progress constantly. All of the discussions and submitted files are handled via email. This makes it very easy and time-effective to keep track of all updates and all submitted files. Nothing and nobody gets lost along the way, and the main objectives of the project are always kept in front of us.

Basecamp also offers a discussion area where opinions and comments are shared. The client can use it to give his feedback and track progress at any time.

Teamwork is a professional project management software. This software aims to keep projects more organized and productive through a series of collaboration tools.

Teamwork facilitates such tasks as creating milestones, organizing the project and receiving updates. Open communication and file sharing are prompted by Teamwork allowing the team to focus entirely on the task at hand.

Thanks to an integrated Time Tracking tool, it is possible to create estimates and track the time needed for different tasks, people, and overall projects. Teamwork helps the project flow smoothly so that the final product can be delivered on time and up to the customer’s expectations.

Github is an invaluable tool for our coding team. Thanks to Github, our developers can effectively work together on the same project with maximum efficiency.

Github is in an opensource version control system that assists in keeping track of changes to the code. The team can make any adjustment or improvement to the code without worrying about disrupting the project. Github stores all of the past versions of code for a project, making it easy to track changes, compare code, and fix any errors or performance issues.

What Is Next?

QPSoftware is always interested in the most advanced technologies for project management.

We are committed to quality, and we aim to exceed the expectations of every single client.

Our methodology to project management has been pivotal to the success of the projects we have delivered for our international clients. We can apply the same methodology to develop any project, from a web or e-commerce design to mobile application development.

Contact us today so you can work with our team of professionals to help grow your online business.


Creativity is all about connecting things. However, when you work with a team of international professionals and customers from all around the globe, keeping everyone and everything connected and in check can be a real challenge.

For this reason, here at QPSoftware, we leverage on over a decade of experience that we have gained in web design and development to establish a well-tested methodology of project management.

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