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Creative full-service Web Design Agency based in Shanghai

We offer website design, e-commerce development services, mobile app design, custom WeChat app solutions, SEO and online marketing, CRM, and business intelligence services.

  • We Build Web Solutions That Build Your Business
  • Make Your Online Presence Unique
  • Digital Services For The International And Chinese Market
  • Get Yourself The Perfect Start

We Build Web Solutions That Build Your Business

We are a team of innovative designers, coders, developers, marketers and project managers that will transform your vision into a customized web solution. The concept for all of our projects is to create a synergy with our client that allows us to develop a viable and efficient web solution that best suits their business model and marketing goals.

Our goal is to make building your online presence a stress-free experience that drives results. You tell us your needs, goals, and expectations. We will show you how to make them an online reality. We will provide you with a holistic and strategic approach to build your online business and achieve your marketing goals.

Thanks to our well-tested processes and the most innovative tools, we can build digital products for international reach, or we can tailor them to the Chinese market. QPSoftware has been operating in China for over ten years and has acquired the needed knowledge to address the specific needs and demands of this market, therein giving you an unmatched advantage to start or grow your business in China.

Make Your Online Presence Unique

Our team develops digital products using the most advanced and highest-performing technologies. We develop Wordpress, Drupal and Magento websites that match both your branding and specific audience needs. The final result is a visually appealing product that provides a user-friendly experience for you and your audience.

We develop our e-commerce solutions using Drupal Commerce, PrestaShop or Magento shopping cart. These represent the best and most advanced e-commerce solutions available to serve your business. Every e-commerce website we build is designed and optimized to be highly scalable. Therefore you will be able to implement and manage your online shop as per your future needs so that your business can continue growing smoothly and naturally.

QPSoftware has world-class expertise in developing mobile apps and WeChat apps. The demand for digital products accessible from mobile devices is skyrocketing and cannot be overlooked by successful businesses. We will assist you in making your website mobile ready and creating clear-cut products for the mobile segment.

Digital Services For The International And Chinese Market

Our strength is in our expertise to develop web solutions not only for the international market but also tailored to the Chinese market.

Our digital services will make your online presence more robust and profitable, no matter where your audience is from. If you are targeting the Chinese market,  we can launch Baidu SEO campaigns.  Alternatively, we can manage your Google SEO strategy if you are targeting an international audience. Our aim is not simply to give your website, e-commerce, mobile app or WeChat app maximum online visibility but rather it is to bring targeted traffic that generates qualified leads. Only relevant traffic can make your business grow, and we will drive that traffic straight to your website.

We can implement all of our web solutions with advanced performance tracking tools. Our CRM and Business Intelligence solutions will make your online business more efficient and profitable. You will have all the right metrics to track your digital performance and adjust your business strategy accordingly.

Most important, our integrated CRM and BI tools will help you in building strong customer relationships and in anticipating your customer’s needs and requests. Thanks to our customized solutions, it will be easy for you to interact with your customers and create a broad base of happy returning clients.

Get Yourself The Perfect Start

QPSoftware, with over ten years of experience, is a leading web design and e-commerce agency based in Shanghai, China. Companies and corporations worldwide have trusted us with their digital ventures. We will let our work speak for itself, please feel free to check out our portfolio of successful projects.

From small businesses to large corporations, we have helped our clients to make their online presence successful by creating awesome websites and applications. Our tested methodology for approaching every project has been designed to drive the best results without adding additional stress to our clients.

We are proud to have an international team of experts who can cater to the needs of clients worldwide. Whether you want to create or expand your online presence internationally or you want to access the Chinese market, QPSoftware is the perfect place to start.


Our team of designers, coders, developers, marketers and project
managers will use their separate expertise to collectively provide our valued
clients the vision needed to create awe-inspiring websites and applications.

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Over the last 10 years, our web agency based in Shanghai have helped and guided companies leverage their business to the next level and achieve outstanding results

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Built on a philosophy of talented people and great results, QPSoftware LTD is a results-driven, full-service digital agency in Shanghai specializing in website design, WeChat/Mobile app development and digital marketing.

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