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Established in 1994, LUCRIN flaunts its 26 years of expertise in leather handcrafting through several collections of bespoke leather essentials.

Built on the Magento framework, LUCRIN looked to QPSOFTWARE to create a fresh and inspired quality e-commerce experience that would both elevate the brand within the leather goods industry for the Chinese market, but also drive people to order their products online.

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Project Details

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 About the client

Since the early 90’s, Lucrin Geneva's sublime craftsmanship combines practicality, elegance and timeless designs. Their distinctive style, designs and miscellany of colours enthral leathercraft connoisseurs and neophytes from around the globe.

Lucrin Geneva offers unparalleled possibilities of customisations to their customers - all done with utmost care, precision and love. The company’s luxury leather products also make precious gifts of time and attention for your loved ones.


The challenge & solution

Nearly 30 years after the establishment of the customisable leather goods brand, QPSOFTWARE was tapped for the localization and the brand strategy of LUCRIN GENEVA in China, a logical evolution for the luxury leather handcrafting company. The task at hand was clear: pay homage to the sublime craftsmanship LUCRIN GENEVA has owned for years while launching a new platform that Chinese consumers will feel was designed just for them.

QPSOFTWARE in partnership with HI-COM ASIA, led the strategy and execution of LUCRIN’s global online campaign, incorporating a wide range of digital tactics. From a fully responsive localized website and the implementation of local payment gateway solutions (Alipay, UnionPay and WeChat Pay), to a WeChat store, WeChat login and social content, the LUCRIN GENEVA campaign was exclusively designed with Chinese consumers in mind.

To kick-start the project, we made sure that LUCRIN’s website worked and looked just as good as it does in its original language and that the user experience should be equal in all languages.

However, tackling the Chinese market comes with diverse cultural nuances, traditions, values, and social norms. Simply rolling out a one-size-fits-all website wouldn't work. Therefore we adapted the brand’s message to capture the interest and trust of Chinese customers.

Indeed, QPSOFTWARE’s and HI-COM’s challenge was to establish LUCRIN’s digital attitude by rethinking its web presence in China while centering the experience on eCommerce:

Full website localization and development using Magento

Wechat official account registration and management including copy

RED brand page - including copywriting

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders / influencers) - 2 WeChat campaigns

KOC red (Key Opinion Consumers) - various campaigns

KOL seeding on RED (a thriving lifestyle community platform with over 300 million registered users) - 15 products

Weibo account creation and management - including ads

Weibo KOC reposts

Live Streaming via partners

Kuaishou registration and management

Lizhou account registration and management

PR and E-reputation - 20 published articles in local media

SEO-Friendly Website Development: development of SEO friendly web pages (with the proper web architecture, indexation and optimal internal linking)

Meta tag Optimization: unique meta title and description for every page enriched with Keywords

Speed Optimization: improved Page Speed by focusing on image optimization and lazy loading

Baidu PPC: campaign set-up for 5 ad groups, keyword selection and audience targeting



Live streaming

The Benefits

With LUCRIN’s Chinese consumer base in mind, QPS and HI-COM developed a fresh e-commerce presence which fully grasped the unique dynamics of the localization process in China​.

The result ended up being QPS and HI-COM leading LUCRIN GENEVA through a discovery and implementation process in which site content, brand standards and marketing initiatives were broken down and built back up for an updated brand design guide and branded content into the shopping experience specifically tailored to the Chinese consumer.

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Erno Laszlo - CASE STUDY
Erno Laszlo - CASE STUDY
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Oceanfleet - qpsoftware- ecommerce

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