Ma France - Crossborder E-Commerce Miniprogram

Date: April 2019
Client: Ma France
Services: WeChat Store, 3rd party integration


QPSoftware launched MaFrance WeChat Mini Program, an online cross-border marketplace supporting local French craftsmen to reach more easily the Chinese market.

With the development of their WeChat Mini Program, Ma France online store enables more interactive functions, simplifying the purchasing process and rewarding their customers loyalty.

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E-Commerce, WeChat Mini Program
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Project Details

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Ma France - CASE STUDY
Ma France - CASE STUDY


Ma France is the first B2C E-commerce platform that allows French SMEs to offer high quality products "made in France" to Chinese individuals, without any cash advance.
Ma France aims to facilitate exports for French small and medium-sized enterprises to China and 220 other countries.

The products presented on Ma France platforms symbolize French know-how and “art de vivre” with the following product categories: Tableware, Gastronomy, Culture & Heritage, Sports & Leisure, Fashion & French Touch, Children's world, Health & Nature, Home decoration, Wellness & Aesthetics.

Through Ma France E-commerce platforms, Chinese consumers can access excellent quality French-made products at a more favorable price.

Ma France - CASE STUDY
Ma France - CASE STUDY


​Ma France was already using a WeChat Official Account to publish content and notify their followers about new promotions, when they decided to complete their WeChat ecosystem with the development of a fully-customized Mini Program.

Initially running a web-based only e-commerce platform on, it was the right move for Ma France to open their store with WeChat Mini Program.

Why opening a WeChat Mini-Program?

  • Linked to your WeChat Official account, it can send discounts to your followers, increasing engagement and customer loyalty.
  • Connected to WeChat Pay, it makes purchasing process easier and faster – users do not have to log in between different platforms to complete their payment.
  • It is an easy and mobile accessible way to present your products.

Virtual visit of Ma France MP


1. Store Design

QPSoftware understands the importance of a professional and clean look, which is key to ensure a good customer experience and brand recognition. During the development phase of this project, QPSoftware focused on incorporating visual identity and design elements of Ma France into the architecture and wireframes of the store.

Each page category has its very own purpose, to inform, to select, to collect information etc. and QPSoftware adapted the design of each of following page category in order to achieve the desired functions and maximize consumers experience. 

  • Home Page: Used to facilitate the navigation to the other pages, this page category gives an overview of all the products available in the store
  • Product Category Page: It offers a selection of products or models available for a specific product category.
  • Product Detail Page: This is the the most important page of the program. In order to optimize sales conversions, the design should support the following functions: “Gallery or product photos”, “Product overview and description” (Model, Materials, Components etc.), “Social sharing” (WeChat here) and at the bottom the “Similar product suggestions”.
  • Shopping Cart Page: This page plays an essential role in consumer purchasing decision process because it summarizes their selection, selected models, size, quantity etc. The more detailed and adjustable the information can be, the better your chances to increase sales conversion are. QPSoftware enhanced the design of this page with a multiple choice selection feature and adjustable  minus and plus quantity button.
  • Delivery Information Page: On this page, we are basically collecting client information for product(s) delivery. It should only be requesting essential information for the delivery and should be easy to fill-in.

2. Integration of Additional key Features

In order to adapt the new platform to Ma France specific needs, QPSoftware integrated few additional key features to the program.

Cross-border payment solution - Enables Ma France to manage all their online transactions from GoAllPay platform, to receive payments from WeChat Wallet and directly transfer to their bank account in France.

This integration covered two aspects: 

  • Development of an automatic currency conversion feature on the store.
  • Development of the API plugging GoAllPay platform to MaFrance WeChat mini program.

Special promotion coupons feature - Developed to boost consumers engagement and reward loyalty. This feature allows Ma France to launch fully-configurable promotions, such as weekly sales, temporary discounts, and all kinds of discounts required.

Multi-functional back-end - Offers an all-in-one store management platform from procurement to customer relationship management with:

Product information and photos editing function
Live stock management function (with woocommerce)
Order management : payment and shipment status tracking
User management: user level management (essential for targeting and personalization)
Customer information management function: locations, preferences etc.
The key results

100+ Niche Brands

1000+ Quality Products

60+ Strategic Partners

Our expertise

QPSoftware is a results-driven, full-service digital agency. With our expertise in WeChat solutions for both Chinese and International clients, QPSoftware is the top WeChat agency located in Shanghai, offering design and development solutions for WeChat MiniPrograms, WeChat Stores and WeChat Web apps.

More information about our WeChat solutions here.


Erno Laszlo - CASE STUDY
Erno Laszlo - CASE STUDY
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