WeData Analytics: Get better insights from your Mini Program
WeData Analytics: Get better insights from your Mini Program

WeData Analytics: Get better insights from your Mini Program

Having a WeChat Mini Program has many valuable uses for your business and will bring you a lot of outcomes, especially if you are targeting Chinese Customers.

As you may already know, many Chinese people use WeChat intensively daily. With WeChat, they scan to pay the bill through QR Code, use Mini Program to order food, call a taxi, shop on e-commerce Mini Program, and so on. We can't imagine life in China without WeChat because it contains almost everything in one app.

If you have a website, the chances that an analytic tool is being used on your website are very high. A report from BuiltWith says that in 2022, 73,175,294 websites are using Google Analytics. It means a website owner or a business owner would like to know about their website statistics, what people do on their website, how it acquires users, the conversion rate on each channel, and so on.

Analytics on a Mini Program is also important but less often used by owners. You can get valuable insights or track activities from your Mini Program users too. But how can we have that analytics tool on your mini program, how to get the most out of it?

The WeChat ecosystem in WeChat application

Analytic Tools on Mini Program

There are many standard analytics tools to be used on a Mini Program. We'll detail a few below:

Google Analytics

Baidu Tongji

Tencent WeData

standard analytics tools to be used on a Mini Program

1. Google Analytics

use of google analytics in understanding your audience

Pros Cons
Multi-language Integration requires more technical knowledge and workarounds
Convenient if you're already familiar with the Google Analytics interface Not compliant with Tencent; Universal Analytics will be deprecated soon there aren't any tools that work with GA4 at the moment
Free of charge Possible compliance issues due to data being sent out of China

2. Baidu Tongji — 百度统计

use of baidu tongji to understand your audience

Pros Cons
Easy to integrate with many valuable tools If you want in-detail insight, comes with a cost of XX
If you get used to the Baidu Tongji interface, it uses the exact measurement method as with a Chinese website The interface is in Chinese language only
It is a credible tool in the Chinese tech industry  
Data could be used interchangeably  

3. WeData — We分析

use of wedata analytics tool in understanding wechat mini program users

Pros Cons
Work out of the box, seamless integration with Mini Program The interface is in Chinese language only
Tencent official support Reports show only data in the Mini Program environment
Free of charge Very new compared to other counterparts.

What is WeData ?

Released in August 2021, WeData, or We fēnxī in Chinese, is an analytics tool officially launched by Tencent that aims to assist Mini Program owners. It provides primary data and insight analysis, which could meet the data needs. With this tool, you can collect data to optimize your mini program, conduct an in-depth data analysis to understand your mini program users, create a successful marketing campaign, and give your users good Mini Program experiences.

In this article, we will use WeData to demonstrate its functionalities and reports and get the benefits out of it for powering your marketing strategies on the Mini Program.

To use WeData, you must go to which is the login portal page of the analytics tool. Sign in by using the WeChat account that manages the mini program.

WeData Reports

1. Realtime Analysis (实时数据) allows you to see your Mini Program audiences in realtime. You can see how the current user interacts with your mini program. Allow you to see your new campaigns and new features in action.

2. Acquisition Analysis (访问分析) provides data on how your clients found your mini program. Also, it gives you a rough estimate of audiences opening or becoming your registered users. Users commonly come through WeChat official Channel (公众号渠道), QR Code Channel(扫码渠道), and Mini Program Sharing Channel(分享渠道). WeData also provides a sub-report of each channel.

3. Retention Analysis (留存分析), also known as Cohort analysis report, shows data of users returning to your mini program. Returning customers is a crucial success of the business, that's why this report is quite important. You can also filter users by their behaviors to get in-depth detail or can also create and track retention on a custom user behavior too.

4. Pages Analysis (页面分析) provides some Mini Program's pages performance. It can reveal problematic pages on your Mini Program. You can check their bounce rates (跳出率), the Average Time that users stay on a Page (次均停留时长), and much more data for solving or tweaking pages.

5. Transaction Analysis (交易分析) works with WeChat Pay to analyze your e-commerce activities that occur on your mini program. It measures sales and payments data to allow you to improve the sale funnels that you have on Mini Program.

6. Business Analysis (经营分析) gives you insights into your business operations. It can be broken down into:

  • Business Overview (经营总览) - This page will show your e-commerce results in different metrics. The information on this page is quite helpful for business to improve their overall e-commerce functionalities or pages.
  • Traffic Analysis (流量分析) shows the number of visitors, which can be separated into old and new customers, and also shows conversions from different traffic sources.
  • Product Analysis (商品分析) provides detailed information about products/services which are listed and sold through Mini Program. With data from the checkout process, It helps you analyze your product that customer interacts with on Mini Program.
  • Customer analysis (客户分析) gives you a detail of different conversions and a consumption level by different user groups (new and old users).

different analyses on wechat wedata analytic tool

7. Event Analysis (事件分析) is a way to track users interact with something during specific events. For example, add a product to the cart, share a page, order status changing, etc.

8. Funnel Analysis (漏斗分析) is a way to observe user flow through designated steps. It could help you measure and evaluate the success of funnels on your mini program.


WeData also provides information and testing, such as user demographic and tag analysis. It provides a way to create A/B testing for your mini program to measure which variable versions will work best. It provides you with much information from your Mini Program that could be useful for a team of marketers, data analysts, developers, managers, etc.

However, only data from WeData is not helpful to your mini program or your business. You need to translate those data into insights which mean profoundly understanding your clients.

WeData, by itself, doesn't give you insights. If you are looking for someone who can use WeData and convert data into valuable insights. QPSoftware can help you with that; we are a professional digital agency experienced in custom Mini Program development to marketing. We work with our clients to achieve success. Consult with us for more detail.



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