Everything You Can Do with WeChat QR Codes in 2019
Everything You Can Do with WeChat QR Codes in 2019

Everything You Can Do with WeChat QR Codes

In today’s post we will talk about using QR Codes in China and discuss a few tips on how to use them as a marketing strategy. Having a post about QR Codes may sound odd at first and kind of useless. After all, QR codes in the western world have never been very successful. We don’t see them that often and people are not really in the habit of scanning QR Codes. 

However, in the Chinese market, QR codes are on a different level. If you were to visit China, you would soon notice that QR Codes are everywhere. You might find them on web pages, products, ad materials, packaging or even covering the majority of the space on billboards. 

Why are QR codes so important in China? What can you do with a WeChat QR Code? How can you use this technology to promote your brand in China? 

All these questions will be discussed on this post.  

What Is a QR Code? 

A QR Code is a 2D barcode that can be read by smartphones. The code contains information that can be quickly accessed once the device scans the QR Code. The main reason why QR Codes were created was to provide a quick and easy method to connect the offline world with the online world.  

For many platforms, like WeChat, QR Codes have become a critical feature people cannot do without. Therefore, if your company has a presence in China, people expect to find QR Codes related to it. Obviously then, you must know everything about them and how they can be used. 

Why WeChat QR Codes Are so Popular? 

QR Codes have countless applications. In China, users are accustomed to utilizing them and have come to love their convenience. In fact, on WeChat you can use QR Codes for tasks like adding a friend to your contacts and making payments online. Doing so in seconds. It is completely uncomplicated. 

To understand why QR Codes are so popular in China, we will consider what you can do with them. 

Add Friends (QR Contacts)

On WeChat you can simply add a friend by scanning his QR Code and, unlike on WhatsApp, you are not even asked to add their phone number. Just scan the code, and in an instant, you are ready to chat with your new friend. You can scan the code directly from the friend’s phone, or you can use an image of the code. 

This is the procedure to add a new friend using the QR Code:

  1. Click on “Discover” menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on “Scan”. 
  3. Point your camera at the QR Code on your friend’s phone, or on an image he shared with you.
  4. Click “Add” and the friend will instantly be added to your contacts and you can start to interact with him.

how to find wechat qr codes

Groups (WeChat Group QR Codes)

When you add a friend using QR Codes, you can invite them to join WeChat Groups or invite someone else to join. 

This feature is very handy when you create a group chat and want to gain followers quickly. Just share the code with your community, adding a compelling message that motivates them to begin following you. 

This is what you do:  

  1. Enter the WeChat Group.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner click on the three dots. 
  3. Select “Group QR Code”. Click on “Scan”. 
  4. Point your camera at the QR Code on your friend’s phone, or on an image he shared with you.
  5. Click “Add” and the friend will instantly be added to your contacts and you can start to interact with him.
  6. When you see the QR code, click again on the three little dots in the upper right-hand corner.
  7. Click on “Save image”. 
  8. Share the image with the people you want to join the group.

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When you receive a QR Code image, you can easily scan the code from the image. Just click on the picture and hold it until a menu appears. Click on “Scan QR Code in image” and you will join the group instantly. 

Official Accounts

QR Codes are very important in promoting your company’s WeChat Official Account. You can add your Official Account QR Codes to your advertisement material, products, packaging, and more. Official Accounts are very important for your marketing strategies. Therefore, using a QR Code to invite more users to your company’s WeChat Official Account will help you in boosting your operations in China. 

Mini Programs

WeChat Mini Programs are relatively new tools that keep on increasing in popularity. They are like apps that you can use directly on WeChat without needing to install them on your device. Mini Programs are used for customer support, selling products, to deliver news and so on. 

Given the scope of Mini Programs and the role they play in increasing revenue in China, it is a good idea to use QR Codes to invite more people to your company’s Mini Program. 

Receive Special Promotions

QR Codes can be linked to special promotions. For instance, you may use the code to invite more users to your Official Account or Mini Program. In this case, you might set the QR Code to offer special discounts or giveaways to those who start following you.  


In addition to being a popular social network, WeChat has become a popular means to send and receive money using the payment platform WeChat Pay. This is done easily by using a QR Code. WeChat is currently trying to encourage more users to use QR Codes to process payments. 

The procedure is very simple. The vendor generates a QR Code that the customer will scan to get info about the product and about the payment. After this, the customer can easily complete the purchase and automatically send money to the vendor. 

If you are selling in China, this is certainly a good way to enhance your users’ experience and increase your sales. 

How to Scan a QR Code on WeChat

Scanning a QR Code on WeChat is very simple.  

  1. On the WeChat Home screen, click “Discover” on the bottom menu.
  2. Click “Scan” on the menu. 
  3. Point your camera at the QR Code.
  4. WeChat will detect the code and perform the desired task automatically.

How to Generate QR Codes for WeChat 

Creating a QR Code for your personal profile or your company’s account is uncomplicated and can be done for free using the WeChat QR Code Generator. 

Here is the procedure to generate a QR Code for an official account: 

  1. Enter the Official account.
  2. Click the person icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click on “All Articles” or “All Messages”.
  4. Click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Click on the menu “Copy Link” (this action will copy the link of the Official Account).
  6. Open a free QR Code generator. 
  7. Paste the link in the tab and press enter. 
  8. Your QR Code will be generated and you can now download it and start using it.

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Personalized QR Codes 

QR Codes can be personalized. Some basic customizations are available directly on the WeChat application. 

For instance, if you want to customize the QR Code of your personal account, this is what is required: 

  1. On the WeChat Home page, click on the menu “Me” on the bottom right. 
  2. Click on your WeChat ID at the top of the page.
  3. Click on “My QR Code”
  4. Once your QR Code appears, click on the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  5. Click on “Change Style”
  6. Repeat this operation until you find a design that you like best.

customized wechat qr code If you want to personalize your company’s QR Code by adding, for instance, your logo to it, you can do so. Hire a professional to accomplish this or use a free tool that enables the customization of your code. Your QR Code will constantly be visible to your customers, therefore, a good design will reflect well on the authority of your brand. 


QR Codes are an incredible way to enhance both marketing and brand awareness in China. With almost endless potential, these codes can be used in many ways to boost your business in China. 

However, QR Codes are just one of the many features that WeChat offers. This popular and nationwide social network is among the most powerful marketing tools you can have in China. If you are serious about the Chinese market, you should open a WeChat Official Account for your company. Develop a WeChat App or a WeChat Mini Program to fully benefit from the opportunities offered by the most popular social network in China. 

QPSoftware is a WeChat agency located in Shanghai, we can assist you in every phase of your WeChat strategy and advise you on the best channels to promote your company in China. Contact us today and our experts will explain to you all the secrets of marketing with WeChat in China. 

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