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DOC CHAT approached QPSOFTWARE to design and develop a WeChat application to help users keep in touch with leading U.S doctors and medical assistants for the answers to their specific and pressing health questions, no matter the distance between them.

Always ready to take up a challenge, QPSOFTWARE translated that challenge into a successful project, offering a new way for Chinese people to engage with American health professionals and share their own personal health concerns from a device that rests in the palm of their hands.

Indeed, QPSOFTWARE created a seamless WeChat application allowing local users to consult with overseas medical specialists and get medical advice: doctors can fill out a profile with their professional background and medical specialties, that users can view and therefore decide which professionals are best suited for them. 

QPSOFTWARE implemented an effective support ticket system to facilitate the user/doctor interaction process. Actually, as one of the key factors in the development of DOC CHAT, translation from Chinese to English, and the other way around, needed to be taken into account.

Healthcare | Medical
App, E-Commerce, WeChat Mini Program

Project Details

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Doc Chat
Doc Chat


  • Desktop WebApp development
  • Wechat App development
  • WeChat Pay. Alipay, UnionPay implementation
  • Implementation of an effective support ticket system to facilitate the user/doctor interaction process
  • Illnesses/diseases specified by categories within the creation of specific forms
  • Custom backoffice development for support ticket system management
  • WeChat signup implementation
  • SMS verification system
  • Doctor rating system


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