Date: Dec 2018
Client: Mageba
Services: APP Design, APP Development, APP Testing


QPSoftware optimized Mageba earthquake monitoring system with the development of two customized and multi-functional Apps - the ROBO®QUAKE Web application and its Mobile App.

Drupal | MySQL | JavaScript | PHP | React Native | Microsoft BI

Project Details

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About the client

Mageba is a Swiss company with its head office in Bulach, north of Zurich. Established in 1963, it has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of structural bearings, expansion joints, seismic protection devices, vibration damping products and structural monitoring systems for infrastructure, buildings and industrial structures.

With subsidiaries in 19 countries and a network of agents connecting the company to more than 50 countries worldwide, mageba is a successful and consistent global player in the industry.


The challenge & solution

The context

Mageba wanted to optimize their ROBO®QUAKE monitoring tool — a solution providing an optimal protection for building users and residents, as well as an effective support to owners and engineers in evaluating the impact on the structure after an earthquake.

The solution

Originally using a third party ready-to-use SaaS solution, Mageba contacted QPSoftware for an optimization of their existing system. The objective of this project was to develop a scalable and cost effective application which could be fully integrated into Mageba solution.

In order to optimize the on-site monitoring and long-distance data transmission of Mageba’s ROBO®QUAKE monitoring tool, QPSoftware deployed a set of two multi-functional customized Apps: The Web App and the Mobile App.

Why two versions?

About the Web version

The Web version was the first version of the solution. It is hosting all the core features of ROBO®ONE such as the visualization of all the projects using PowerBI embedded dashboard for live stream data and a personalized API for data saved along the time.



About the Mobile version

When QPSoftware began the development of the mobile version, the primary goal was to build a reproduction of the web app optimized for reactive mobile usability.

The mobile app is offering the same functionalities as the web app (including Microsoft Power BI) but with much more mobility to support remote monitoring.

QPSoftware also implemented additional functionality such as connectivity with bluetooth in order to ease the on-site monitoring.


The Key Functions

Both Apps have been developed with interactive and user friendly functions, in order to facilitate accessibility to real time information about building's structures behaviour before, during and after earthquakes, from any connected device.

Event Push Notifications (SMS & E-Mail)

Real-time monitoring dashboard

Historic dashboard

Project-specific information details

API connection with building protection equipment (for on-site monitoring)

Bluetooth connection (for on-site checking)

Our expertise

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