good live streaming show
good live streaming show

5 Things You Need to Create a Highly Converting Livestream Show

In a good live streaming show, the key to attracting as many people as possible, is to engage with as many of the consumers as possible. It is important to ensure that customers are always happy, even when they experience a problem. Investigation shows that brands that give high-quality customer service also have a higher customer satisfaction score!

To create a successful show you first need to start by knowing your consumer. Just like in any kind of relationship, you both feel more valued when the other person knows what your preferences are and how to make you feel happy and cared for. 

The first step is to collect customer data and statistics. 

Knowing what consumers are likely to be thinking is going to help the live-streamer prepare better answers to the viewers queries. Another benefit of having data and statistics is that with each new piece of livestreaming data, it allows you to be able to build up a clearer picture of the complete customer journey, just like with a jigsaw puzzle with each additional piece the overall picture becomes clearer.

So now the questions are, do you have this data or how do you get it?

Easy, through an AI-powered Live Streaming Assistant. 

What are the common brand problems when you start live-streaming? How can an AI-powered Assistant help to solve them?  

1.Customers data & statistics

How does your livestreaming host manage to remember aggregated and individual data before, during and after the Livestream show? Wouldn’t you want to know what your viewers were talking about? What was the generic topic? If you could, then you can actually analyze viewers' conversations so that you can proactively adapt your livestreaming show.

So, how can we gather such data? By implementing unique AI-powered Assistant, it will be able to help you, not only to automatically respond to your viewer's questions but you can also harvest valuable data and insights from your viewers, so that you can optimize your video streaming. Here is how it looks:

2.Quality replies

Make every minute of your live-streaming count! Stop wasting time on answering repetitive questions.

If your brand spends 100K on a famous KOL, you want them to show as many USPs of the product as they can, instead of replying to the same questions over and over again. 

An AI can provide a hospitable personal feeling by welcoming new viewers automatically and softly encourage them to engage or purchase. These are important but very repetitive tasks and can be easily done by an AI, thus allowing more time to KOLs/KOCs to talk about your product and brand. 

After collecting the data about what are the most common topics your viewers are asking, you can easily have your own AI trained chatbot to answer those questions. With each additional stream, as more data is gathered, the answers can continually be improved for higher conversions.   

3.Consistent knowledge 

What defines the quality of livestreaming, is both engagement and sales. 

However what if your live streamer doesn’t know the product well enough, to answer detailed questions? How can they convince the viewers that they truly are passionate about your brand?

The live streaming host often does not have the time to invest to be an expert on your product, and doesn't have this large wealth of knowledge to answer all the questions from the viewers. This means often KOLs will simply ignore the questions that they have no answers to, which means missed selling opportunities.

Having a clear product understanding is going to convince your viewers to purchase, as it demonstrates a level of trust that the KOL knows the product, also by having an AI helping to answer these detailed questions, you can reduce returns and solve after-sales issues before they happen.

4.Reaction speed

Your KOL and live streaming show are becoming so popular that it’s not humanly possible to read and give responses to all viewers fast enough. For example; When Austin Li was doing livestreaming for brand Y there was no way for him to reply as comments scrolled up the screen at a super-fast pace. A conversational AI-powered Assistant can do that! A well-trained AI Assistant is the best candidate to answer all of your consumer’s questions at speed, ensuring no possible customer interaction opportunities are missed! 
Serving your customers in time has shown to increase your customer’s purchase intention by up to 90%. 

5.Effective product training

Creating a positive friendly engaging vibe and maintaining a strong on brand messaging should be a long-term strategy for your live streaming. During the live streaming, the person is the ambassador of your brand!

Without an AI you need to spend lots of time and resources training your live-streamer, who actually might one day decide to leave your company. Then this whole process starts again… It takes a lot of time to (re)train people... 

Having a well-trained AI Assistant to power any streamer host, you will not only just save time but other resources as well. This manages and ensures that the knowledge of any new streaming host is not lost, when they first start out by poor product knowledge. They can appear to be experts in your product within a day as the AI can repeatedly step in and assist where there are still training gaps. 

The AI Assistant is always going to follow your brand guide lines and will be your loyal knowledgable employee forever. 

Key takeaways:

As v-commerce looks to be reaching its peak in the world market now, brands should focus more on the relationship with their consumers to maintain view numbers as the landscape gets more competitive and crowded. 

Knowing and analyzing key viewers data can maximize your profit from each live-streaming session. An AI-powered assistant will help your team become more efficient and increase your live-streaming ROI (Return of Investment).

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