wechat fetures for ecommerce
wechat fetures for ecommerce

Top Three WeChat Features to Engage with Your Customers

WeChat is the most popular messaging app in China and is used by over 70% of the population. If you are doing business in China, you simply cannot ignore WeChat.

Besides its messaging features, WeChat comes with many functionalities that have become essential to promote your business in China. You can use the app to generate brand awareness, for marketing purposes, to engage with your customers and find new ones. 

You may be familiar with some of the most popular functionalities used by successful businesses in China, like the WeChat Mini Program, WeChat Store and WeChat Web App.

However, do you know that WeChat comes with some other basic features that create a powerful advantage when you engage with your customers?

This article will discuss how to use QR codes, the “Wow” button, and videos effectively to increase engagement and boost your business in China.

QR Codes

A QR code is nothing more than a schema within a square graph in which information is embedded. Inside this square, there are black and white dots and lines that are read by an app.

QR codes store the information and make it accessible quickly and effortlessly. The abbreviation QR stands for "Quick Response," and the name is well deserved because a quick scan is enough to recall information or execute commands. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, every camera can read and process QR codes with a corresponding app.

QR codes are nothing new, but many western countries use this technology marginally. However, across Asia and in particular, China, QR codes are widely used. People prefer to scan a code in China whether they are accessing a website, paying for a coffee, or buying online.

A report released by WeChat, "The Power of the QR Code - The WeChat Economic Impact Report 2020," reveals that this technology is so ingrained in China that it has created what is now called a QR code economy. The codes are scanned so frequently that they have become essential in connecting businesses and customers. For instance, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, WeChat QR codes have been scanned over 140 billion times, increasing the QR code economy by 25.86% in just the first quarter of 2020.

That being said, how can you use a WeChat QR Code to promote your business in China?

An example is to use a QR code to make deals and offers instantly available to your audience. 

Traditional coupons may be lost and need to be carried around by your customers. Instead, the QR code makes it very convenient to claim it. All your customers have to do is scan the QR to receive the discount code or be redirected immediately to the checkout page. Using QR codes, you will make your user experience more satisfactory and increase your conversion rate.

You can embed a custom QR codes anywhere from emails to web pages, flyers, posters, packaging, and more.

Share, Like, and Wow Buttons in Articles and Posts

Share and like buttons are prevalent everywhere, and WeChat features these buttons as well. Additionally, the app has introduced a new button called the Wow button, and we will discuss in what way it is different from the Like button.

Sharing content has become a custom for most social media users, and this is advantageous to your business. First of all, you must create content worth sharing. Secondly, it must be easy for your audience to share it.

The share button is already on the WeChat app by default. However, you must integrate the same button on your website or mobile app to increase your content's chances of going viral.

The Like and the Wow buttons are somewhat similar in concept. When a user clicks them, the content will appear on the Top Stories.

However, the difference between the two buttons is that when a user clicks Wow, all his friends in his WeChat contact list will see the Top Stories article under the Wow articles list. Obviously, the more Wow you can get, the more chances you have of being noticed by people who are not yet following your account and who, in turn, can share your article. 

From the user's point of view, when he clicks on Wow, WeChat asks him to add a comment. This feature is excellent for encouraging conversations, exchanging ideas, and may lead to new shares.  

In order to take full advantage of these features, it is important to ask them to share it or offer your audience a reason to use these sharing options. In addition to creating more exposure for your brand, how your users interact with these buttons will reveal the level of engagement you can get.

Video Capacity

A new, welcomed update released by WeChat can add up to 10 videos per article instead of 3. This is great news for marketers.

Videos are a powerful medium all across the world and especially in China. Having the option to add ten videos to your content offers plenty of opportunities to engage with your audience.

Moreover, you can now apply for a WeChat Video Account, which is designed to post video content. The account can be integrated with your WeChat Official Account to make sharing video content even more effective for your marketing campaigns.

Although already popular, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has forced people to live in isolation, videos have become even more valuable, and their popularity has increased dramatically. Today, the public has become so accustomed to this content that it is considered normal and expected.

It is worth mentioning that WeChat has organized the video content so that it is simple and easy to share. Precisely for these reasons, videos must play a leading role in your marketing campaigns.


WeChat continues to confirm its role as a highly versatile tool and one of the best allies for marketing campaigns. The potential of this tool is almost infinite. 

Simple functions such as QR codes, Like, Share and Wow buttons, or the ability to add videos have become powerful tools in companies' hands, enabling them to attract more customers.

To know the full potential of WeChat and discover how to integrate different solutions into your business, contact us. Our experts will show you the most suitable WeChat solutions for your business.

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