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5 Essential Tools for B2B Marketing in China

The B2B Chinese market is vast and lucrative and offers countless opportunities to foreign companies. However, it is a challenging market that demands insight into its unique needs and a well-planned B2B marketing strategy. 

Most Popular Chinese Search Engines QPSoftware in 2020

If you want to implement an effective marketing strategy in China, you must get acquainted with the largest search engines in China. You may have heard about Baidu, the biggest and most popular Chinese search engine. However, most Chinese users will never stick to a single search engine.

Drupal SEO

If you have chosen Drupal 8 to build your website, then you have made a great choice. Drupal 8 is a powerful Content Management System (CMS). It is perfect to build professional websites and it is highly customizable. With it, you will be able to manage a large eCommerce site, and it comes with powerful scalability features.

How to optimize your site loading speed in China

How Content Delivery Network Optimize Site Speed In China,How to improve your website or e-commerce speed in China implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Tips and tricks to make your website load fast in China

How to index website to Baidu complete Guide

Updated guide on how to submit your website or URL to Baidu. Step by step guide to open a Baidu Webmaster Tool account and submit your website to Baidu.

A Scrum Approach to Project Management

If you are familiar with rugby, you know what a scrum is. If not, let me explain. A scrum is when a group of players tightly interlock arms and heads towards each other then pushes forward at full power to attempt to get the ball before the other team. 

Baidu SEO In China

China is the world’s second largest economy, supported by more than a billion potential customers. And over 53% are Internet users, meaning businesses with China-based websites have a potential audience of 730.000.000 individuals

WeChat Search Engine

As it has already been said in some previous articles, there is no need to present you WeChat. According to the latest news this monstrous App has reached now more than 900 million users.

This article will focus on the release of a new functionality in WeChat. This functionality is the Search Engine of WeChat. Let’s discover what it is and what it can do.

Google's Services are Back in China

We all knew that Google was not available in China (except by sidestepping the local censorship - by using special software known as VPN) but this is now changing.

In fact, just a few days, the Google Translate APP was made available in China and its users do not need a VPN to access it. The app actually allows you to use the lens of your camera to instantly translate text.