The Latest Chinese Mobile Ecommerce Trends
The Latest Chinese Mobile Ecommerce Trends

The Latest Chinese Mobile Ecommerce Trends

Mobile e-commerce in China is becoming epic. In the next few years, mobile e-commerce figures are expected to grow exponentially. Therefore, you cannot overlook the Chinese market since it represents a huge opportunity for your business.

However, even though the opportunity is there, to catch this massive e-commerce wave in China and ride it successfully is a different story. Many companies fail at entering the Chinese market because they keep thinking in western terms. Unfortunately, the business model that made your company thriving back home may be a total failure in China.

Generally speaking, what attract Chinese are the same brands and items that are popular in the western world. However, what influence the buying habits and the way people shop in this part of the world may be different. For instance, buying from a mobile device is big in China and m-commerce is expected to take over the more traditional e-commerce model soon.

Understanding what works in China and the latest mobile e-commerce trends will give you the advantage you need to enter this massive market successfully.

Latest Mobile E-commerce Trends In China To Sell More

We have put together a list of the most popular mobile e-commerce trends in China that will help you to better plan your next marketing strategy.


WeChat Is A Must

WeChat is a super-popular Chinese platform for instant messaging, shopping, and payments services. It is so popular, and people interact with it so much that WeChat has become a way of life.

That being the case, you need to make your products or services accessible through WeChat. The latest trend is, in fact, to have a WeChat store up and running. That is the most practical and efficient solution to promote your brand and have your customers shopping directly from their mobile phone. WeChat shops are growing in number and popularity. Therefore if you set your own WeChat shop, you will be up-to-date with this trend.


Influencer Marketing

The role of influencers is significant in China, a lot more than in western countries. In the western world, the average customer is principally interested in the quality or specific characteristics of a product. In China, this is not always the case. It is enough for an influencer or a V.I.P. to promote a product to have a broad base of consumers running after it despite its real quality.

It is, therefore, a good idea to use some popular influencer for your Social Media marketing strategy. Alternatively, you may leverage another trend among mobile e-commerce shoppers, which is user-generated content. It refers to content created by your customers when they talk about your product based on their experience. If you add a feature to leave comments on your mobile e-commerce platform, your customers will become the influencers that promote your brand.

Always remember that in China the appearance is crucial. Therefore if everybody owns and uses something, you must have it too otherwise your image will be affected negatively.


Customer Support

It is very common for a Chinese shopper to ask questions before finalizing the decision to click the “buy now” button. That is true even when your prospect shops from the comfort of his mobile device.

If you start a WeChat shop, it is possible to include a shop assistant function that will provide your customers with this vital feature. The shop assistant function can be implemented using a chatbot or a live-chat depending on the size or budget of your business. Whatever the solution you pick, customer support will put your prospect in the comfort zone that will lead to more purchases.


Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs Are Like Magnets

Shoppers love getting free stuff or coupons. These are powerful marketing tools that make your customers excited and will generate more revenues in the end.  Plus, never neglect the fact that people love to share what they like. If you create a gift or coupon campaign highly targeted at your typical customers, you will have an excellent chance to enlarge your customer base significantly.

If then you offer even a loyalty program, you will make feel your customers special and incentivize them to come back and shop more. For instance, you may have a membership area where the customer can check his shopping history, latest offers, coupons and so on. You can use the same area to interact with him to create a stronger connection.

Gifts, coupons, loyalty programs and membership area can be managed easily through a mobile ecommerce application like WeChat, and you should give them serious thought.


Make Shopping Easy With A Wishlist

Not every user will buy at your mobile ecommerce the first time he visits it. People like to shop around, ask opinions, compare prices and so on before getting into the pocket. The chances are that your client will visit your ecommerce a few times before finalizing his purchase. For instance, he may not be ready to buy yet because he is waiting for the next paycheck.

Whatever the case, make his shopping experience as enjoyable as possible adding to your mobile ecommerce a wishlist button. That will make super easy for him to browse the saved items once he comes back to your shop.

Catch The Attention With Products Suggestion

Bringing to your customers' attention other products on sale on your ecommerce is for sure a good idea. The most effective way to do that is through popups, but you may use banners too. Both methods are very good at catching people attention and giving them more shopping idea.

If you smartly set this feature making sure that the products you suggest are truly relevant for the shopper, you will see your sales increase.

Are You Ready For Mobile Ecommerce In China?

Staying up-to-date is vital if you want to succeed in the Chinese market. The mobile world is in constant evolution in China, and if you are planning to start a mobile ecommerce or want to boost the one you already have, you need to follow the trend.

China is a massive and exciting market but presents important challenges. Without local knowledge, it is difficult to meet the demands of shoppers in this part of the world.

QPSoftware is operating in China for over ten years, and we have extensive knowledge of this market. We are professional developers of mobile ecommerce solutions, including WeChat shops. We can design and develop your customized mobile ecommerce and optimize it for your target audience here in China.

If you want to enter the Chinese market and get the best out of it, contact us today and tell us about your project. We have the right solution for you.

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