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Four Strategies to Attract Chinese Buyers
Four Strategies to Attract Chinese Buyers

Four Strategies to Attract Chinese Buyers

China is a huge market with many opportunities but these opportunities are only reachable if you can respect and adapt yourself to the Chinese market and more precisely to the Chinese people. If you are able to understand them and respect a few strategies, then your chance of success will be higher.

An article has been already focused on how to attract Chinese male ebuyers but now we are going to focus on four different strategies.

How do you target your customers?

The first thing you have to do when you want to target your customers or the people you want to reach is to talk to the good people. Indeed, if you target the millenniums and you talk to the parents of your target, then it will be pointless.

To be able to talk to the right people you have to segment your market. One of the best tool to segment and target your customers that has been used recently by big companies is an A.I. (artificial intelligence).

Thanks to this A.I. you will be able to personalize any message to your WeChat followers. That means you will be able to send thousands of personalize messages. It will be possible because the A.I. will collect data about your followers such as how long they have been following your account, which channel they got in touch with, etc.

One thing you have to know, each customer is different and if you succeed to adapt your promotional message to each of them you will be more likely able to increase their willingness of purchasing.

This technic has been used by Wyoming Xu, CEO & Founder at OCheng. He has been working with Sephora and LVMH and help them to increase their sales in only a few months.

How do you generate sales on social media?

If you have read the previous article about the digital marketing trends in 2017 you will be able to have an idea of how to generate sales on social media. One of these trends that should be used in China to attract new buyers is: the content marketing.

We have a very interesting case study, 有书 WeChat store shared by WalkTheChat. This company is selling books and share some content marketing. They have now more than 7 million followers and use this strategy to increase their sales. They use mainly some WeChat groups to get in touch with people and get more and more followers. Moreover, every week, they will propose one book to read with a link to buy it.

According to this case study, the results were amazing. They were able to reach an amount of sales in one week that equals the amount they would have achieved in two months using standard promotion methods.

How do you engage with your customers?

At the moment, one of the best way to engage with your customers is by giving them the possibility to try your products. By letting them use your products, it will increase the chance they will remember you and that will make them feel unique and special. This way of working is recommended by many people even the famous KOL Melilim Fu.

Another good way to engage your customers will be to use gamification to develop the ROI of your advertising. If you are able to create some games and rewards, you will create more and more value regarding your company and the link between you and your customers will be even stronger. Using a call to action is also a very successful key to engage your customers.

How do you survive in this highly competitive market?

Live with your time and follow the different steps said below and do not forget to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. It will be the best way to understand them and know how to reach them by using for instance WeChat or even to be able to know what message will have a bigger impact on them and make them buy your product(s).

It is a nice challenge for sure, you will face some difficulties but at the end you will be proud of what you have accomplished and you will ask more and more of this incredible experience.

What is your next step?

As you can see, attracting Chinese customer is quite specific but at the same time a bit common as well. Basically, these few tips are quite useful for any business. If you need more information about this or even some help, we will be glad to help you to adapt your business and target Chinese customers. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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