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Digital Marketing Trends
Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

What is the digital marketing?

The digital marketing is all the marketing techniques used on digital media and channels. Nowadays marketing tends to become “essentially digital”.

When we talk about digital marketing the first idea we have of it is the traditional one, that means the internet one but it would be a mistake to forget the mobile phones, tablets, GPS and other connected objects.

It is pointless to start to talk about the importance of it because if you find this article that means you have already been aware of its importance and you are trying to find the trends in 2017. Let’s try to satisfy your wish!

What are these digital marketing trends?

The main digital marketing trends in 2017 are not totally new. Some of them exist already since a few years or a few months. Let’s take a look at these trends:

  1. Immersive Marketing (Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR)): just one example will be enough to explain what it is; Pokémon GO, they have launch this game last year and it was a huge success from its start. Many brands are using AR for some ads such as PepsiCo and its bus shelter in London.
  2. Video Live Streaming: more and more used by the users of social media but also the first Presidential debate was streamed live with millions of viewers.
  3. Big Data and Data Visualization Tools: nowadays we have access to so much data but our brain cannot keep or understand everything that is why we will use more and more tools to help to understand those data.
  4. Native Advertising: it will be again trendy this year and maybe even more sneakier that it was before or let’s say more effective to drive to attention of the prospects.
  5. Dense Content: by using an useful content for the customers and trying to develop the way of sharing the information in a way to offer a unique experience to everyone.

After analyzing these different trends, one question can pop-up in your mind… Are these trends also interesting for the Chinese market? Let’s check if the trends for the Chinese market will be the same as the general trends:

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  2. Content marketing such as: strong and personalized customer focus, quality content, word-of-mouth and influencer marketing
  3. Video Live Streaming
  4. Again and always WeChat is getting stronger than never
  5. M-commerce: there will be more and more trade through the mobile phones
  6. User experience: multiple screen integration for mobile, iPad, desktop
  7. Focus on local market: the international companies will have to adapt their offer, services and product to the local market, to China.

Let’s see two study cases

A successful study case:

Virtual reality study case: “New York times takes news to a new generation.”

In a world with constant evolution and more precisely digital evolution it is not abnormal to see a declining print of sales.

The challenge:

How is it possible for a 165-year-old newspaper, such as the New York Times, to reach the next generation of readers? Nowadays the New York Times has to face a huge competition to try to keep their newspaper’s market share. Indeed, they are facing the Facebook Instant Articles, Snapchat Stories and even Twitter. They needed to find an idea to attract the new readers, the millennials.

The plan:

The New York Times used the virtual reality (VR) to face its challenge. Its sponsors General Electric and Mini helped a little bit. They planned to use this trend and technology to put people into news stories like never before.

The solution:

They developed a platform called NYT VR with T Brand Studio to deliver different virtual reality short films over the year.

A virtual reality app was launched on Google Play and the Apple App Store by the New York Times. Google Cardboard viewers have been sent to its 1.1 million print subscribers to promote the app.

Everything started but a first film called “The Displaced”. They had to follow the life of three refugee children from South Soudan, Syria and eastern Ukraine.

The results:

The app was downloaded more than half a million times. Over 1.5 million views were been recorded by NYT VR with an engagement of 6 minutes per session. This campaign also won the mobile Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2016.

Failure with digital marketing:


Artificial Intelligence study case: Twitter bot of Microsoft.

In a world more and more competitive we have to find a way to be different from the others but it is not always easy.

The problem:

Every big company is on social media. Either Facebook, Twitter… All of them have its own Twitter page but how to be able to be different from the others? This is the real challenge for all of them.

The plan:

Microsoft had the original idea to use one of the new digital trends, the artificial intelligence and more precisely a bot for their Twitter page. The purpose was to use this technology to generate conversation between followers and the bot. The bot can reply to the questions that the people have asked. And the more you chat with it, the more you can have a personal answer from it.

The solution:

They have implemented a chatbot – called Tay – for their own Twitter page but the particularity of it: it will learn from its followers through conversation.

The result:

After 24 hours, the Microsoft account got 23,000 more followers… but for what purpose? They just started to follow it to know its limits and even try to make fun of it. After only 8 hours of activity, the bot was put on standby… Do you know why? Simply because the followers played with it and it became a sexist and racist “jerk”. Since then, we have not heard yet from it and Microsoft deleted all its tweets.

What is your next move?

We suggest you to stay aware of your environment, do not rush into these trends for 2017 because as you have seen there is always a possibility of failure so before using one of these trends analyze your problem and/or your objectves and try to find the best option that will fit you. If you have any questions or interest about this do not hesitate to contact us.

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