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Not Just A Messaging Platform. WeChat Is A Way Of Life And A Powerful Marketing Tool

WeChat is the most active social media platform in China. With over 890 million Chinese mobile users, WeChat has a tremendous potential to promote your business online.

WeChat offers a solution that can be implemented into the current marketing strategy for your online business.  The WeChat app can help you reach a wider audience by offering them an innovative and quick way to interact with your website or purchase your services or products.

QPSOFTWARE can develop WeChat apps to give you an advantage over your competitors.

A New Way To Surf The Internet

WeChat is a Tencent product and is more than a simple messaging application. WeChat is a way of life. The application has been compared to Facebook, a tool widely used and successful for online marketing. However, WeChat is much more powerful than Facebook and the potential it holds for your online business is massive.

A user can use WeChat to read the news, play games, buy tickets, book a doctor, send money, order food, and a lot more. In a nutshell, we can make you a customized WeChat App to reach a larger audience, sell your products or services online, boost social media interactions, create brand awareness and more. You can even use the WeChat App for survey's and games that engage your audience. As you can see, a WeChat App is actually an invaluable tool for your marketing strategy.

WeChat Development

WeChat has so many functionalities that trying to develop your own WeChat page or app may become a daunting task. This is where QPSOFTWARE is here to help. We have an extensive knowledge of WeChat apps, so we will build the perfect solution and functionalities needed for your business. Thanks to our web developers and modern web technologies, we can make WeChat work like an app, or we can implement WeChat functions directly into your app or website. Some of our clients have used WeChat as a testing platform for their product even before dedicating resources to building and marketing a standalone native application.

Development Of WeChat Stores

WeChat stores are the latest trend in China and are a great opportunity for international e-commerce. Businesses can open a WeChat official account and set up their own e-commerce site on WeChat.

QPSOFTWARE will support you in creating your WeChat store. We take care of the technical requirements, matching the design to your branding, the development, analytics, and promotion of your store.


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We are a leading web agency in Shanghai, China and we have expertise in developing WeChat apps. We have helped clients of every size to develop WeChat apps and stores in several industries. You can count on our team of international professionals who will transform your idea into a customized WeChat app. We can develop a solution for the international market or we can give you an unmatched advantage to reach the Chinese market and expand your business into one of the largest economies in the world. QPSoftware will be on your side to make sure you reach your business goals.

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WeChat & Mobile Apps Development


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