Baby International Blu
Baby International Blu

Baby International Blu

Client: Baby International
Services: Ecommerce Website


Raising a child in different parts of the world and stepping out into the unknown with children can be nerve wracking. While there are plenty of websites selling all natural baby everything in China, BABY INTERNATIONAL BLU noticed there was a low level of innovation in the industry, especially in terms of product quality, safety and design. Therefore, the brand thought it was more likely that there was room to make better products, and thus fill a major industry gap by making parenting abroad easy.
The goal was simple: help international parents find and purchase high-quality baby products online, but also help them share insight about maternity and parenting within an international environment.

To bring its products to the masses, and since its previous site design didn’t do it justice, BABY INTERNATIONAL BLU looked to QPSOFTWARE to do a complete revamp of its e-commerce platform and increase its conversion rates within the Chinese market.

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Project Details

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Baby International Blu
Baby International Blu

In order to take the brand to the next level and to make it the one-stop shop for all your baby’s needs in China, QPSOFTWARE developed a PrestaShop powered framework with sales conversion as a priority focus. The overhauled design features an easy-to-use navigation and product category structure, a clean layout and typography, as well as a quicker path to purchase. Indeed, QPSOFTWARE migrated and updated the brand’s previous website from PrestaShop 1.4 to 1.6, while keeping the existing data (i.e. customer accounts, orders, etc.) and drastically improving the design and user experience. 

Considering the growth of the mobile internet usage and always keeping in mind smart UX and eye catching design, our UI/UX experts also have optimized a mobile and tablet version of the brand’s website to reach the instant consumer. QPSOFTWARE also installed and configured an Apache Server with backup tools and monitoring scripts. 

But the magic doesn’t stop here, QPSOFTWARE created an online magazine / blog with industry-specific niche and enriched keywords articles, hence allowing BABY INTERNATIONAL BLU to increase its online presence and web visibility. Also, users who already have an account can access BABY INTERNATIONAL BLU’s outlet site to shop, check the status of their orders, manage their account and receive notifications for upcoming flash sales events.

As a result, QPSOFTWARE’s impact on BABY INTERNATIONAL BLU’s website redesign project was a success, as within a year from completion the client’s turnover increased to 600% with the new version of their online platform. The company has now 4 physical stores in Shanghai, 1 in Beijing and another one coming up soon in Germany.

Baby International Blu
Baby International Blu


  • Website redevelopment from Prestashop 1.4 to Prestashop 1.6
  • Chinese Online payment such as Alipay/Union Pay and Visa/MasterCard implementation
  • Products and Client Database Export/Import
  • Layouts redesign
  • Data exchange with Open ERP
  • Online magazine creation and private outlet store
  • Mobile version development and implementation
  • Apache server installation and maintenance
  • More than 10K visitors per day
  • 600% revenue increase within a year


Erno Laszlo - CASE STUDY
Erno Laszlo - CASE STUDY

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