Best Project Management Tools and Techniques to Success
Best Project Management Tools and Techniques to Success

Best Project Management Tools and Techniques to Success

Managing a project is like directing an orchestra. A typical project may seem simple because it only involves two parties, your company, and the client. However, the reality is more complicated than that. Both your company and the client have teams working on the project. Therefore you have to manage a group of skilled people with different capabilities, talents, and ideas. Exactly like an orchestra, directing them to work in unison and combining their skills is critical to achieving a stunning result. Fail at that, and you will end up in confusion.

Top Project Management Tools and Methods that we use everyday

We work every day with companies from all around the globe, and we understand all too well how vital, effective project management is. There are plenty of tools you can use to keep your work more organized, less time-consuming, and keep each task in check. However, exploring all the project management tools available will take time and may distract you from your final goal. Alternatively, you may spend time learning how to use a tool to discover soon after that there is a more efficient option.

We have gone through these steps ourselves, and during the past ten years, we have selected what we believe to be the best project management tools that have helped us to tackle every project in the most productive way.

Following is a list of what we use on a daily basis and some tips on how to use these project management tools successfully.

First of all, however, we need to mention two methodologies we use to approach any project. We decided to include them in our list because they are at the core of every project we undertake and we have found them crucial to enhancing the overall quality of the final result. If you master these methodologies and implement them with the right project management tools, you will end up with an incredibly productive team and highly satisfied clients.

Project Management Methodologies


Scrum is a framework or guide to handling web projects that relies on a self-organizing, cross-functional team. The principle at the base of this approach is innovative and genius.

Scrum method for project Management

1. The importance of the Scrum Master

The role of the Scrum Master is to make sure that members of the team do not over-commit themselves and to eliminate possible obstacles that could hinder the productivity of the team.

Even though there is a Scrum Master assigned to each project, he is not the leader who decides and assigns single tasks to the team or its members. The team itself is responsible for evaluating the problem at hand and who among them is the most qualified to handle or solve a specific issue or task. The overall scope of Scrum is to have each member of the team working on the part of the project at which he excels, and at the same time promoting cooperation and productive brainstorming among the team itself.

2. How to implement the Scrum methodology in your projects?

How is the client involved in the Scrum project? A Scrum team has a deadline for every portion of the project. At the end of each portion, they must deliver a usable version of the product. Therefore, at every step of the project, both the web agency and the client can test the product and check the progress. This approach makes it very easy to know if the team is working in the right direction and allows the client to give personal feedback about any necessary adjustments along the way.

3. Why Scrum method is so effective?

This methodology makes it possible to keep the overall project constantly in check and always in line with the client's expectations. The time to deliver the final product is significantly reduced, and the client will never be unsatisfied with the final result.

If you want to learn more about how to enhance your productivity with Scrum approach to Project Management, we’ve made a guide based in our experiences:

How to master your projects with Scrum

Core Model 

The Core Model approach is a thinking tool that both the web agency and the client use to determine what direction the project should go. 

How the Core Business Model works?

The Core Business Model puts the end-user at the center of the project designing the product for the user's benefit. Therefore, the team together with the client will determine why users come to the website, what they are looking for, what their needs are and how to satisfy them, what their questions are, and so on. These factors must be defined while keeping in mind the overall business objective as well.


Once this critical information has been collected and validated, the web solution will be designed and developed around the core content that will help to achieve both objectives. This approach will significantly enhance the UX providing each visitor with the specific info he is looking for and helping the company to expand their business thanks to this highly targeted content.

Our selection of Project Management Tools


Basecamp Project Management tool solves a series of annoying problems, first of all, a flooded email inbox. Communication is critical to managing a web project, but it may quickly get out of control.

Basecamp project management tool

1. How to use basecamp effectively

When you have too many daily emails reaching your inbox, it is easy to miss some of them or lose track of essential communications. Miscommunication is the best recipe for disaster, so this is where Basecamp comes into the picture, to help solve these issues.

2. The advantages of Basecamp

Basecamp allows you to keep communication with your clients or team members well organized. You can assign each client a Basecamp account to keep each project separate. On Basecamp you can upload files, set deadlines, exchange messages, create documents, and a lot more. Everything is organized in a single place, divided by clients, and it will be straightforward to understand what is going on for every project. Additionally, basecamp will send you a daily summary of the activity to make sure you never miss a single step.


Teamwork is another essential communication tool that prompts good communication and cooperation within the web design team members but not with the client.

teamwork project management tool

1. How Teamwork can improve your  project?

The suite comes with several features that help each team member to cooperate through setting milestones, sending and receiving updates, tracking time needed for specific tasks, and so on.

Once Teamwork becomes part of your project management toolbox, it will help work to flow smoothly ensuring that each team member is attuned to the overall project scope and on time with deadlines.

How to choose the Right Project Management tools and techniques?

Not every project is the same, and customer needs may differ. You don’t have to use all of these tools and techniques for every project, but you can decide which ones to implement according to necessity. Moreover, there is plenty of project management tools out there, and you may choose to test others yourself. Those listed in this articles are the ones we have personally found to be the most effective and that have helped us to achieve the best results.

We work with customers worldwide, and our team is made up of international professionals. Therefore, a good organization is pivotal. Whenever we design, develop and market a website on Drupal or Wordpress, or when we create a PrestaShop or Magento e-commerce, our goal is always the same. Intercept our customer’s needs and transform them into a web solution that will help him expand their online business.

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