Web Design - Tips for Website
Web Design - Tips for Website

Web Design - Tips For Websites

Web design has continued evolving over the past 20 years and will surely continue on doing so in the years to come. The only difference between today and the past is that now changes are faster than ever. Web design agencies must keep up to date with new trends and solutions to create successful digital tools that meet the audience’s demand.

For web design agencies that want to be on top of the game, that presents a real challenge. However, at the same time, it provides a great opportunity to find new ways to express their creativity and not become bored. After all, nothing is more rewarding for a web designer than creating an outstanding and successful website that receives positive feedback from users.

By the end of 2017 we have seen a significant trend change in web design and most assuredly it will become even more evident in 2018 and onward. By now, users are accustomed to minimalistic and clean design. This approach will continue to be the basic standard since it has a positive impact on usability. However, there continue to be new trends when creating modern and well-performing websites that web design agencies must take into consideration and implement into their projects.

Here is a list of the most relevant web design tips and trends that are currently at the top of the web industry.

UX Still A Priority



Whatever your idea is and the design you want to develop, User Experience (UX) is still the most critical element. UX has to be central in your project and should never be sacrificed in the name of design.

If your website is not intuitive, it doesn’t matter how appealing it is to the eyes. Unless the user can perform the tasks he wants easily and quickly, he will probably blacklist your website, and as result, even your SEO performances will be negatively affected.

To create a great UX requires a lot of study and planning. Strive to know your users intimately, understand what they want, what are their problems are, and offer them a prompt solution. By making the whole process easy and fun you will have plenty of returning users.

Clean Code To Boost Performances


The code that runs behind the scene is the engine of your website. Your visitors may never see it and most likely do not even care about it. However, clean code has a direct impact on the users' experience while on your website. Badly written code slows down the page load time. If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, most of your users will move on, never to return.

Again, clean code is what search engines look for. If the code is messy and doesn’t contribute to good performance, your website will be penalized in the search results curtailing, therefore, your visibility.

Svg Is The New Trend

PNG, JPEG, and GIF will soon be just a memory. Modern web design is closely intertwined with high-resolution images easy to access. The .svg extension perfectly serves the purpose thanks to its undeniable advantages. These files can be enlarged or minimized without compromising quality. Therefore, we will surely see this extension becoming the most widely used by web design agencies.

Illustrations And Web Animation


Many web design agencies are shifting from stock images to illustrations and animations, and the reasoning is easily understood. The web is flooded with stock images and the chances of bumping into the same images on several different websites are pretty high.

If you want to separate yourself from the competition you need to be different and that calls for customized images. However, it is not always easy to find a picture that conveys exactly the idea you have in mind. Instead, illustrations can be created to fit your idea perfectly and deliver your message more powerfully.

This is even more so if you combine them with web animations. Animations are outstanding in catching the attention of your audience and can describe even a complex concept in just a few seconds. As more sophisticated tools to create animations are made available to web design agencies, we will see them implemented in many major websites.

Web animation, when used wisely, can even entertain your audience and create a better user experience. You can accomplish two important things when an animation is triggered. Whether that’s when the user moves between pages, when he accesses specific areas of your website, or by clicking a button. First, the user is aware that the website is responding. Second, in the case that the page takes longer to load than expected, he is entertained and will be less likely to leave your website.

Make Wise Use Of Negative Spaces

Negative space, also called white space, is the empty areas in your web pages that is not occupied by any graphic element or content. One of the most common errors inexperienced web designers do is to try to fill every little space on a web page. Unknown to them, negative spaces are a precious design commodity for several reasons.

For instance, white spaces (even though not necessarily white in color!) make your page and overall content more readable and pleasant to the eyes. When used wisely, negative spaces are powerful in guiding your visitors’ eyes to specific areas or content on the page. Moreover, negative spaces are essential for a website to render well on mobile devices. This last point by itself is a good enough reason to make savvy use of white spaces.

Shades, Gradient And Bright Colors


More and more web design agencies are slowly abandoning the concept of flat design, web-safe colors and so on. While the “minimal” concept is still popular and often even recommended, today many web design agencies have new opportunities to express their creativity and play with brave colors.

Bright colors, shades, and gradients can be used today to transmit energy, warmth, and dynamism. They can create a better brand awareness and a better engagement with the audience. Just a word of caution, though, the choice of colors is a delicate matter so as you experiment with new color solutions, make sure they still resonate both with the branding and your audience.

Innovative Typography


The choice of the right font has always played a major role in web design and it still does. It has always been a generally safe rule to use easy-to-read fonts, such as Helvetica or sans-serif styled fonts.

However, since the advent of the new generation of high-resolution screens, many web designers now play with new and adventurous fonts. It is not unusual to see websites with different very creative and colorful fonts on the same page.

Therefore, the use of out-of-the-comfort-zone fonts is not a taboo anymore and if properly organized and combined they can become a pleasant visual element that adds value to your website.

Integrate With A Mobile App


Mobile apps are becoming more prominent every day in the Internet world. With a constantly increasing number of users surfing the web on mobile devices, a mobile app is a very important digital tool for your online business.

To integrate your website with a mobile app and direct your traffic to it is most assuredly a good idea. In general, users browse a website passively while they use mobile apps actively.

People love the practicality and easiness of performing tasks from their mobile device. If you fail to grab a hold of this trend, you may prevent yourself from lucrative business opportunities and leave some money on the table.

A well designed mobile app that replicates the main features of your website and possibly even adds more functionalities to it, is a fantastic way to engage your audience and promote your online business.

Implement A Chatbot

A chatbot is a fantastic tool to enhance the user experience. It is a software designed to stimulate conversation with the visitor and convey the idea that somebody is on the other side listening to his needs.

You can implement a chatbot to give your visitor useful information or make announcements. For instance, you can use it instead of a FAQ page. As the user types questions, the automated software provides the correct answer, eliminating the need for the user to go through a list of questions. Chatbots are becoming very popular and so accurate that it actually gives the user the feeling that they are talking to a real person. It is a great tool to create a better engagement with your audience and create a good user experience.

Voice-Enabled Search

Voice search is not a must yet but it is an excellent feature to show you care about your audience. Voice search is on the rise as it makes browsing contents super easy. Once a visitor lands on your website, all they need to do to search through your content is to use a voice command.


Considering the amount of resources companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and the like are dedicating to this technology, we can easily see how this feature will become paramount in the near future.


Web design continues to be an exciting business. Web design agencies have the huge responsibility to keep up to date with new trends and develop digital solutions that can boost the client’s online business.

QPSoftware has always been proud to have among its team some of the most skilled and advanced web designers. We work with clients from all over the world, and we are proud of our rich portfolio of successful websites that we have designed and developed.

If you are looking for a modern and successful website, contact us today and we will be glad to discuss your project.

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