QPSoftware the Official PrestaShop Provider in China
QPSoftware the Official PrestaShop Provider in China

QPSoftware the Official PrestaShop Provider in China

QPSoftware has been working with PrestaShop for a long time to create innovative e-commerce solutions for our customers. We love this platform, and over the years we have seen many of our clients enjoying this user-friendly yet absolutely powerful e-commerce platform.

QPSoftware is now proud to announce that we have become a certified PrestaShop provider. Moreover, we are the only web agency in China who has obtained this qualification as the official PrestaShop provider. As you can see we are extremely proud of this achievement, but what matters the most is how this new development in our company can affect and benefit your business.

QPSoftware the Official PrestaShop Provider in China

What Is a Certified PrestaShop Provider

Even though many web agencies can develop PrestaShop e-commerce sites, not all of them can boast of being an official PrestaShop provider.

To obtain this recognition, our developers had to undergo and pass a series of tests to ascertain their skills in developing PrestaShop solutions. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and our positive test results, PrestaShop has decided to list us among its official partners.

Even though we cannot help but taking pride in this achievement, the most important thing is that our qualification is a guarantee for your business. It means that our designers and developer have an excellent grip on PrestaShop features and functionalities. Therefore, you can be confident that we can use this e-commerce platform to the full to create a customized e-commerce solution that perfectly suits the needs of your company.

The Only Certified PrestaShop Provider in China

To create a successful PrestaShop e-commerce store involves more than merely setting a shopping cart and making it look nice. It is critical to be in tune with your customers’ mind in order to provide them with the shopping experience they are looking for.

This is especially true when you are dealing with the Chinese audience. The right approach can make the difference between rocking the Chinese market or meeting with failure.

QPSoftware has been operating in China for over 10 years, and we have an extensive understanding of the buying habits in this part of the world, and we have always found PrestaShop to be an excellent tool for meeting the demands of Asian customers.

For instance, the modules available allow us to integrate the most popular payment methods in China and connect them to mobile payment systems.

Again, we know how to customize your shopping cart to display products and descriptions to cater to the needs of the Chinese audience. Even marketing strategies in China need a different approach if you want to get the most attention and your web solution must be SEO optimized for Baidu, the leading search engine in China.

It may sound like small details, but the way your Chinese audience will interact with your platform is entirely different than in the western world.

It is a series of these small details that will make your entry into the Chinese market successful.

QPSoftware, as a PrestaShop expert in China, can be on your side to help create the best e-commerce solution for your business. You will avoid going through a steep learning curve that will cost you time and money.

Examples of Our E-Commerce Solutions

PrestaShop is known to be a user-friendly e-commerce platform that suits the needs of even inexperienced users. However, you may be surprised to discover how powerful this tool is and how much you can expand it as your business grow.

Here are a few examples of successful e-commerce websites we have designed and developed for the Chinese market.

Montagut is a famous French brand that needed a customized solution to reflect its brand identity and appeal to Chinese customers at the same time.

QPSoftware the Official PrestaShop Provider in China

QPSoftware created a simple but very efficient shopping cart, and the website is entirely mobile-friendly which is a must in this part of the world. Thanks to the integration of several PrestaShop modules we have been able to design a sophisticated and efficient e-commerce for the Chinese audience.

QPSoftware the Official PrestaShop Provider in China

Iluvegoodies is an e-commerce specialized in nick-nacks and trinkets. For this brand, we decided to opt for a super clean design with high-quality images and detailed product descriptions. Thanks to PrestaShop we have been able to focus the user's attention on products without any further distraction.

Are You ready To Target the Chinese Market?

Entering the Chinese market can be challenging but thoroughly rewarding. You need to take advantage of the best tools and support available.

QPSoftware has set itself apart as a leading digital agency in Shanghai, China. Our brand-new qualification as the official certified PrestaShop provider in China gives us an advantage since we have all the skills needed to unleash the power of the PrestaShop e-commerce platform.

Moreover, we have established a substantial presence in the Chinese market, and we know all too well the shopping habits in this Asian country. We can use our expertise to design an online solution that will bring maximum results for your business. If you are ready to rock the Chinese market, contact us today and tell us about your project.

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