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Mobile Apps: First, we are spending more time online than any other media. Second, we are spending much of that digital time in mobile devices. Finally, most of that mobile time is spent in applications. You get it, apps are the dominant form of digital interaction which demonstrates that consumers want the simplicity and focus that mobile applications provide.

Therefore, our team of mobile apps development experts will help you build and develop your mobile application, but also adopt a user-centered approach solution to conform to your overall digital strategy.


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WeChat: As the most active social media platform in China, WeChat is an indispensable tool with a wide range of commercial functions used to do all kinds of business transactions, which companies deploy to help their business grow. Indeed, some of our clients tested their products on WeChat’s platform before even dedicating resources to building and marketing a standalone native application.

Therefore, from WeChat’s Moments, to WeChat’s Wallet features, QPSOFTWARE’s team of experts will help your business unlock new monetization opportunities by helping you choose and leverage WeChat numerous extensive functionalities.

WeChat & Mobile Apps Development
WeChat & Mobile Apps Development


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Built on a philosophy of talented people and great results, QPSoftware LTD is a results-driven, full-service digital agency in Shanghai specializing in website design, WeChat/Mobile app development and digital marketing.

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