Chinese Digital Marketing trends
Chinese Digital Marketing trends

7 New Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 (China and Worldwide)

A new year has just started and digital marketing trends for 2019 are becoming clearly defined. The web marketing world is always changing. Every year, web marketers must learn to incorporate the new digital marketing trends that will attract attention.

In 2019, what we have seen are digital marketing trends that are like the previous year, but that have changed for the better. This is because there are constant improvements in technologies and data collection, so some web marketing channels are becoming smarter and more precise. Therefore, there is a need to take traditional marketing tools to the next level to keep yourself in tune with your audience.

In this article, we will lead you through the latest digital marketing trends both worldwide and in China. The Asian market is aligning itself with worldwide tendencies. However, in China, digital marketing trends still follow some local rules that we want to consider.

Web Marketing Trends in China in 2019

All the above new digital marketing trends are valid also for the Chinese market. However, there are a few optimizations for China you must consider.


Videos are relevant to the Chinese audience. However, people now tend to prefer videos which are short, or in the form of newsfeeds. Live videos can quickly become viral, especially when related to special events like promotional sales, or a new product launch.

Make your media relevant

Today, the average Chinese consumer expects hyper-relevant content. One of the best ways to reach your audience is through WeChat. This social media platform enables you to connect with your audience and to diversify the content according to the user. Through WeChat you can run promotions and special sale campaigns to make your message more relevant. These marketing campaigns are very productive on special events like Single’s Day. Well-thought-out marketing promotions for special celebrations can incredibly increase your revenues.


The Little Red Book (this is the meaning of Xiaohongshu) is a platform where consumers can share opinions and reviews on products. It is growing in popularity every passing year. Even though companies cannot directly market on the platform, it is a good idea to send samples of your products to Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and then you can, in turn, promote them on Xiaohongshu.

Digital convenience

A convenient user experience is one of the top priorities for Chinese users. Whatever task you want your customer to perform on your platform, make it seamless. Providing a convenient experience includes making it possible for your users to buy your product or services directly from their mobile device. For instance, WeChat is now more than just social media; it has become an effective way to easily buy products online. You must optimize your communication channels accordingly and leverage on this opportunity.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

These technologies have been on the scene for quite a while now. However, their real potential still needs to be explored. Big brands have started to implement these technologies to create an enhanced user experience and the audience’s response has been positive. We can expect to see brands resorting more and more to VR and AR to attract customers.

Mirror with augmented reality in China

7 of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Content marketing

Content marketing is still at the top of our list in 2019. Of course, content marketing is not a new trend or concept. Nonetheless, we will never stop stressing how important content is for all your channels of communication. Social media marketing without powerful communication is just a waste of time.  Similarly, providing content on your pages that doesn’t resonate with your audience is pointless. Therefore, always work hard at having a well-planned content strategy that captures the needs of your audience and speaks to their hearts.

Artificial intelligence and social listening 

We hear more and more about AI (Artificial Intelligence.) However, not many companies leverage it to enhance web marketing campaigns. A smart way to use AI, is to use it to scan conversations on social media. Social listening is useful when trying to understand the interests of your audience, find new prospects and discover new trends quickly. This information is invaluable when adjusting communication to a specific audience. There are several tools designed for social listening like Awario, Talkwalker, Mention, and Brand24.

social listening marketing trend

Video content 

Videos have been a powerful marketing channel for several years now. In 2019, videos continued to dominate the scene, although they are changing in format.  The audience now has more interest in behind-the-scene videos instead of product review videos. In this regard, live videos are now the new magnet. You can use Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live for your live videos.  If you make them interesting and relevant to your audience, you can attract even thousands of people at the same time to deliver your message.

Local influencer 

The power of influencers does not need an explanation. In previous years, we have seen that they are a powerful marketing tool. Now, influencer marketing is having to deal with new challenges. First, popular influencers have become very expensive and many small brands cannot afford them anymore. Additionally, while the audience of many influencers is nationwide, many brands need to target specific areas. As a result, in 2019, many brands will choose local influencers who are more affordable and promote the brand on a more local level.

Make your message personal

Your customers have different needs, different tastes and different interests. Your users will be happy to receive the right information, at the right time. Given the amount of information available online and thanks to AI technologies, the ability to understand what your customers expect, is more accessible than before. Collectible data, such as purchase history, social media activity, clicked links and so on, must be used to divide your audience into groups and target each of them with highly personalized messages.

Response time 

The Internet is a fast-paced world and people expect to find answers to their queries in real time. Therefore, time is a critical issue for your business and 24/7 live chat support is becoming a standard in the industry. Most of your users probably expect this service. You can use it as a web marketing strategy. Real-time communication is critical to increasing the volume of repeated customers and your sales. If your company cannot afford 24/7 live support, you must invest in a good chatbot system to answer your customers' questions and help them with other tasks.

Voice Search 

People are becoming more accustomed to interacting with devices through voice commands. This trend is on the rise. It is expected to become a standard feature in the coming years. You must make sure your website or E-commerce website is optimized for voice search. Try to make a list of key phrases people may say when asking a machine for your products or services. Then include them in your content. You can, for instance, create a FAQ section using voice search phrases, or add them to specific blog posts. This content implementation will help your website to rank high in voice search results, thus increasing your visibility.


The above web marketing techniques are some of the most popular in 2019. It will be another challenging year for web marketers. However, never forget that hard work and good insight into your audience will always pay off. Set it as a goal to make your message more targeted to your audience and as real-time as possible and 2019 will be another exciting year for digital marketing.

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