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Coop Asia

Coop Asia

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As Italy's largest supermarket chain with 1400 hyper and supermarkets, COOP ASIA has become the exclusive importer and distributor of COOP product lines in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

COOP needed to carve out a space in the food retail industry for its healthy quality food products. Indeed, at a time when consumers are extremely vigilant about what’s on their plate and show greater interest in eating healthy food, COOP ASIA offers healthy quality ingredients that can improve its consumers’ lifestyle overall. 

QPSOFTWARE helped COOP ASIA reach an ever-increasing global and mobile audience by creating a highly responsive e-commerce site from the ground up, with subtly integrated branded content into the site experience, guiding its visitors deeper into the COOP ASIA brand, lifestyle and product offering.

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Coop Asia
Coop Asia

About the client

To mirror the brand’s healthy quality food products, QPSOFTWARE stripped away superfluous details by incorporating an intuitive navigation scheme with clean page designs, using modern graphic architecture and artistic photography that allowed COOP products to inspire safe, tasty and healthy food for its consumers.

The site also features a responsive design framework fully optimized for mobile users on every device and screen size.

Coop Asia
Coop Asia


  • Market focus: China, HK and Taiwan 
  • Database with more than 500 products 
  • External platform redirection such as TMall China 
  • Different products, stocks and content based on market focus
  • UX strategy and UI design 
  • Onsite SEO optimization
  • Mobile Website design and development


Erno Laszlo - CASE STUDY
Erno Laszlo - CASE STUDY

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