Motif - Fashion E-learning
Motif - Fashion E-learning


Date: Since November 2018
Client: MOTIF
Services: Website Development, SEO


MOTIF decided to develop interactive learning experience’ features to their existing e-learning platform enhancing learning experience and user engagement.


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Project Details

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Motif - Case Study
Motif - Case Study


Created by Alvanon in 2018, MOTIF is providing world-class online courses by apparel experts that empower professionals with the most in-demand skills.

The core mission of MOTIF platform development is “to empower industry professionals with critical skills to readily apply in their job and to further their careers, as well as helps apparel organizations with onboarding and upskilling training materials and assessment tools suitable for new and old employees”, said Catherine Cole, Executive Director, MOTIF.

Motif - Case Study
Motif - Case Study


Having already developed their in-house E-learning platform, MOTIF decided to elevate their solution to the next level, with customized features, enhancing e-learning experience and users engagement.

To achieve the desired objective, QPSoftware worked with MOTIF project stakeholders, providing a comprehensive tailormade solution with project management, website development and SEO expertise.

This project has been rolled out in two phases, the first phase with the development of performance driven and interactive features. The second phase with SEO, Inbound Marketing and Business Funnel Optimizations.


Phase 1. Development of the key features.

By using Agile project development Methodology, QPSoftware extended the e-learning platform by developing multiple new features such as course-management, interactive training experience as well as making courses and its content accessible to customers in a user-friendly way.

Key focus:

  • Improvement of courses purchasing experience
  • Development of Students Interactivity and Engagement with notifications-functionalities, course-invitations, interactive training-elements.
  • Implementation of Performance-driven modules: development of a full backend with learning analytics dashboard (incl. multi-media LMS course completion tracking).
  • Platform usability Optimization: Course-overview and course-navigation look-and-feel.


Phase 2. SEO, Inbound Marketing and Business Funnel Optimizations.

In order to drive a qualified audience to MOTIF platform, ensuring new users adoption and online sales conversion, QPSoftware has been conducting SEO, Inbound Marketing and Business Funnel Optimization.

Key focus:

  • SEO-Friendly Website Development: During the development phase, QPSoftware ensured the development of SEO friendly web pages (with the proper web architecture, indexation and optimal internal linking).
  • Keywords Research and external Links Building: Once the site was launched, QPSoftware boosted the visits on product pages (courses) with meta tag optimization, link building and schema mark up.
  • Content Optimization: QPSoftware edited an SEO content marketing plan (including MOTIF email marketing and blog optimization) targeting topics highly related to the courses. Turning MOTIF blog into an organic entry point where thousands of potential students got their first contact with Motif and their courses.
  • Measuring & Tracking SEO Success: Finally QPSoftware optimized the business funnel based on the analysis of user dropouts on analytics, ensuring that the user finish the purchase process in a fast and seamless way.
The key results
  • 32.65% the increase of the Average Time spent on course-related pages.
  • 200+ new course-related keywords ranking MOTIF's website on the first page of Google.
  • 2000% yearly increase of organic visits  driving qualified audience to the website.
  • 600% the increase of year-over-year online sales.

* Data collected based on 12 months activity

Our expertise

QPSoftware has knowledge and expertise in designing and developing online tools and environments using eLearning standards (SCORM and xAPI) as well as video management platforms (Wistia, Youtube, Polyv, Youku Pro, etc.) and ARTICULATE software as appropriate.

Specifically, QPSoftware has demonstrated:

  • Knowledge and expertise in designing and developing eLearning training including instructional design, storyboarding, LMS Integration and testing.
  • Creating accessible eLearning modules including video player, captioning and audio description.
  • Experience in multimedia design and development including audio, video, graphics and text.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively involving others in the design, management and development of eLearning
  • Skills to manage the configuration and loading of courses into LMS
  • Knowledge in the development of eLearning modules using best practices in online learning.
  • Knowledge of current trends in eLearning, training, and web-based technologies.
  • A team with proven expertise and SCRUM certification, ensuring high performance project management and results.



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