WeChat Shop - 9 Techniques To Promote Your WeChat Store In China
WeChat Shop - 9 Techniques To Promote Your WeChat Store In China

WeChat Shop - 9 Techniques To Promote Your WeChat Store In China

Opening a WeChat store is one of the wisest moves you can make if you want to boost your revenue in the Chinese market. The WeChat shop trend continues to grow and most savvy businesses are already capitalizing on the great opportunities offered by this awesome sales channel.

Opening a WeChat store nowadays means being attentive to the needs of a vast consumer base. This large consumer base has become accustomed to surfing the Internet from the comfort of their smartphones and looking for fast and easy ways to get what they want online. If you give these users what they are looking for, then you are on the best path to making your business venture a success and, most important, profitable.


Why Open A WeChat Store?

The reason we see so many success stories about WeChat shops generating considerable profits for business owners is because WeChat stores can be used in several different but equally successful ways.

For the most part, WeChat stores are usually launched as an integration of a company's existing e-commerce website. Another successful option is that brick and mortar store owners have opened a WeChat store to provide their customers with a new innovative way to explore their products, compare them, and finalize their purchase without actually having to leave the comfort of their smartphone. In other cases, foreign businesses have used WeChat stores to sell their products on the Chinese market without having to actually open a local entity.

Even though opening a WeChat store is a smart move for your business, your main concern must be how to properly promote your WeChat shop for the Chinese market. 

To be successful in the Chinese market you need to know the makeup of it and you need to understand which web marketing techniques are successful in this part of the world. This is even truer when it comes to WeChat since you need to abide by the policies set by Tencent, the organization that owns WeChat.

How To Attract Visitors To Your WeChat Store

In the following, you will find a list of techniques that have proved successful for promoting WeChat stores in China and attracting the most users.


1. Do Not Be Stingy With The Design

As we explained a few lines above, WeChat stores are successful because they provide an easy, comfortable and fast way to shop online. If your store is not well designed and your customers find it difficult to navigate it, not only will they not come back but negative feedback may prevent new users from visiting.

Even though there are some DIY software for creating your WeChat store, if you are really serious about your business you need professional support to create a stunning user experience and make your WeChat store truly appealing. It may cost you some bucks but you will not regret the results.

2. Open A WeChat Public Account Alongside Your Shop 

The purpose of a public account is to create a group of followers and a community for your customers. You will use the WeChat public account as a marketing tool to promote your products and attract new potential customers.

If you make good use of targeted and relevant content, news, announcements, promotions and so on, you will attract new visitors on a daily basis. In time, the followers on your public account may become your WeChat store customers. The public account is even the ideal place to build a strong relationship with new and existing customers and to transform them into repeat customers.

3. Add Only Relevant And Useful Content

Your WeChat public account will serve the purpose of promoting your WeChat store only if you carefully select the content you post. Your ultimate goal is to keep the interest of your followers alive and get the attention of new ones. Therefore what you publish cannot be just random content, it must be relevant and useful to your audience.

Exert yourself to understand what your audience is looking for, what are its needs, interests or what problems they want to solve. Once you have identified these, create content that addresses exactly these points and adds value for your readers. This is what moves your followers to come back and to share your content across the web. Producing tailored content requires time and money but it will prevent your audience from unfollowing you.

4. Videos Work Well Even On WeChat

The power of video doesn’t need any explanation by now. A well-made video has a significant impact on your audience. People love to be entertained and a video can be entertaining and can promote your products at the same time. It is much easier to watch a video than to read an article and your audience will love that. If you haven't tested the power of videos by now, try including some in your editorial plan and you will be amazed by the response.

5. Promotions And Giveaways Are Like Magnets 

This is a great way to attract followers both in China and around the globe. People like free stuff and discounts and when you offer them to your audience you will see something good in return.

Not only will your sales increase, but existing followers will most likely share your promotions on the web. If well planned, these kinds of campaigns can easily become viral on the internet attracting countless visitors to your WeChat shop.

6. Leverage the power of influencer bloggers 

Unless your presence on WeChat is very well established, hardly will your content ever get the exposure that an influencer can get it if they help promote your brand. Influencer bloggers are a surefire way to reach hundreds of thousands of people in just one shot. Moreover, influencers are trusted sources in the Internet community and having your content or products promoted by them increases the perceived trust of your brand.

7. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Campaign

This is a method used by many online businesses all around the globe. It consists of placing ad banners on the Internet in the hope that people will click it and be redirected to your shop. If well planned, this CPC campaign can significantly increase the visibility of your brand.

8. WeChat Games

 This is a new way to entertain your customers. Several brands have used tailored WeChat games to create a stronger connection with their audience and retain them.

Games and contests can be a good way to handle giveaway campaigns and can even be used to collect additional info about your users. Not to mention that a successful WeChat game can easily become viral.

9. Promote Your WeChat Shop Among Existing Customers

 Once you have your WeChat store in place, you should promote anywhere you can.

For instance, if you have a brick and mortar store, you should promote it to customers visiting your shop. Moreover, don’t forget to include a link to your WeChat sstore, for instance in the form of a QR code, on all the packaging for your goods. This is a very simple way to reach a large number of people and make them aware of your store on WeChat

How To Organize An Effective Campaign To Promote Your WeChat Store

WeChat stores offer a new and effective way to sell online and make your business more profitable. Many companies are already benefiting from it and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Developing a WeChat store and promoting it online can be a daunting task for many companies. However, unless you plan everything to the tiniest detail you will not reap the expected results.

QPSoftware has all the know-how to develop personalized WeChat stores and WeChat solutions. We have an unmatched experience in the Chinese market and we can assist you in creating a WeChat store that best fits your audience and the Chinese market. Which makes us the perfect partner for creating and promoting a successful WeChat store.

Contact us today and we will be happy to give you all the details on how a WeChat store can benefit your business. We can assist you in creating an outstanding presence on WeChat.

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